Zoom Q8 Handy Video Recorder

Portable HD video and audio recorder with wide-angle lens, interchangeable mic system, built-in combo XLR/TRS inputs, and LCD screen.

Product Features

  • Support for five HD video modes, up to 2304 x 1296 pixels (3M HD), as well as two WVGA modes
  • Compatible with all Zoom microphone capsules (sold separately). high-high-quality 160° wide-angle lens with selectable viewing angles.0/16.6mm)
  • Up to four tracks of simultaneous audio recording
  • Supplied detachable stereo x/Y microphone (xyq-8)
  • Full-color rotating LCD touchscreen

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2 thoughts on “Zoom Q8 Handy Video Recorder”

  1. So Perfect! I’m a Drummer in a band- Not for Zooming into the Moon and stars- I Knew it was slight Fisheye- I do Youtube videos I’m a drummer in a band, I’m a Radio DJ,and I’m a Music Producer. What I like is the lack of buttons… There’s almost no way you can mess up with this camera! You get your moneys worth.. I sat this up at my gig on St. Patrick’s Day at my Local Casino and recorded our whole show! it’s unbelievable how these mics picked up each and every instrument!!! Now, we record every session at my studio and listen IMMEDIATELY after… just by pulling out the “Extreme PRO 64GB SanDisk” and putting…

  2. GREAT for recording live concerts. This is a good camera for recording live concerts. It has a few minor issues that annoy me, but for the most part, it’s excellent.Issue 1: Battery life. Recording is NOT POWERED BY THE USB ADAPTER! I recently recorded a 10 hour, multiple band, live concert on this camera. at 720p/AAC 320 MOV, the camera crashed about every 2.5 hours. The camera was attached to mains power with a Zoom AD-17 AC Adapter to the onboard USB port, but still… battery only! Thankfully, I brought a…

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