ZaxSound Professional Cardioid Condenser Microphone With Tripod Stand for PC, Laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Tablets, xBox and YouTube Recording, Black

Clear Digital Sound and Classic Design High Quality Cardioid Condenser Microphone for PC, Laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android Smart Phones, Tablets and xBox 360.
Cardioid Pickup Pattern Microphone, The First ever at budget price, this Mic will cancel all noises from sides and back, High Quality & Perfect for live web casting and YouTube recording.
High Sensitivity Microphone, -34db Sensitivity, The Microphone will pickup the sound from 12 inches away. Unlike cheap Microphones where you need to kiss the Mic to be able to pickup any sound.
Compatible with 3.5mm Audio Jack, TRRS 3.5mm Audio Adapter to be used with smart phones & USB Audio Adapter to be used with PCs/Laptop for ultimate devices compatibility.
Connectivity is Plug and Play with no Need for Driver or Software when used with any device on your Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android
Mini 3-Legs Tripod Flexible Stand, Ability to be Moved and Adjusted 180 degrees.
Cable Length up to 6 feet, Excellent for chatting over Skype, Making YouTube Videos with Excellent Recording Sound up to 10 feet in Quite Room.

What’s in the Package:

1 x Cardioid Microphone – 6 feet unattached cable length.
1 x Tripod.
1 x Audio Speaker/Headphone Splitter for Mobile Phone, Tablet and xBox 360 connector.
1 x USB Audio Adapter for extended compatibility with PCs and Laptops.
1 x User Manual

Specifications & Trouble Shooting:

Please Check User Manual/User Guide PDF Attached under Technical Specification

Product Features

  • First budget Cardioid Microphone with high sensitivity. A Cardioid pickup pattern that picks sound from front with noise cancellation from sides and back.
  • Good Design, Perfect Grip Plug and Play Condenser Microphone with 3.5mm Stereo Audio Jack Plug, TRRS 3.5mm and USB, No Software is Needed.
  • High compatibility with all PCs, Notebooks, all iPhones and Android Smart phones and Tablet made after 2010, game consoles xBox 360 and almost all devices.
  • External Microphone with 6 feet cable for Windows 10 / 8.1 /8 / 7 and Mac PC Computers, Laptops Providing Clear Digital Stereo Sound.
  • Use Your Smart Phone to Record Your YouTube Videos From 10 Feet Far in a Quite Room. Comes with a Tripod Stand Allows you to Adjust the Angle of the Microphone.

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2 thoughts on “ZaxSound Professional Cardioid Condenser Microphone With Tripod Stand for PC, Laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android Phones, Tablets, xBox and YouTube Recording, Black”

  1. Read the Owner’s Manual Before Giving up The quality of this mic is pretty outstanding! It’s plug-and-play, and works great as long as you give the owner’s manual a quick glance to make sure you’re using it correctly.Pro-tip: if there’s a buzzing in your recording, it’s probably because you’ve connected your cable directly into your phone or tablet and it’s grounding on the casing. Use one of the provided splitters and it gets rid of the buzz.**UPDATE**I ended up using this the other night to…

  2. Good job guys! I mean, seriously, SF-666? Bad omen, guys.Aside from the theological implications of the model number of this mic, I have to say that it works good.This was my first primary mic for my Youtube channel. It sports an 1/8″ plug (shown) and comes with a USB adapter, in case your comp doesn’t have a mic input, and a cell phone adapter, so you can do some portable recording with your cell. I’ve used every aspect of this device, and it works great.This mic…

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