YouTube Optimization – The Complete Guide: Get more YouTube subscribers, views and revenue by optimizing like the pros

Are you fed up of your competitors appearing above you in the YouTube search results? Frustrated that they are more likely to show up in your Suggested Videos than you are? Don’t leave this to chance. Get your video SEO right and take control of how your videos perform on YouTube. Learn how to publish your videos like the pros, and set up your YouTube Channel for success and never again will you release a video to the sound of crickets. Stop sabotaging your YouTube success by making simple mistakes that you can stop TODAY. By learning how to keep YouTube’s algorithm happy and get viewers watching, and keep watching you can transform the performance of your YouTube channel in record time. The optimization strategies I use and I will teach you have helped me to: • Achieve BILLIONS of views on the channels that I have managed • Grow subscribers at a huge rate including taking one channel from 750,000 subscribers to over 3 million in 12 months • Taking stagnant YouTube channels and increasing advertising revenues by multiple factors in a number of weeks. Whether you are a beginner on YouTube or a veteran using it for marketing your business these tips are universal. None of these tactics are complicated; they can all be learned and implemented easily. I’ve taught this to people many times over and the results speak for themselves. No experience necessary. Subtle shifts in the way you publish your videos to YouTube can have disproportionately large benefits. And I’ll show you exactly how to; • Achieve more views on your videos • Grow your subscriber base • Rank higher in YouTube search results • Appear more often in the Suggest Videos sidebar • Have more engaged viewers • Get your audience to take action • Reach the ROI that makes this all worth your time Never gamble with your YouTube success again If someone is online searching for something make sure it is your videos that are showing up. If someone does watch one of your video make sure they go on to watch another video from you and not a competitor. Learning these optimization techniques can make the difference between 10 views and a 1000, or 10,000 and 1,000,000 and adding these strategies to your arsenal puts that power in your hands. You will only get out of YouTube what you put in. Are you willing to put in more than the competition? Take control of your YouTube channel and its success today by using the techniques in this book.

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2 thoughts on “YouTube Optimization – The Complete Guide: Get more YouTube subscribers, views and revenue by optimizing like the pros”

  1. Wasn’t what I expected I was so excited to receive this book in the mail and take in all of the knowledge that it had to offer, as I am nearing 60k subs on YouTube. I really want to push myself right now, so I bought this book. It’s pretty thin, has large print, and takes about 1-2 hours to read. You can easily find this information in YouTube videos or on a Reddit forum without paying anything. I wish it would go more in depth on tagging algorithms. VidIQ helped me more than this book did, and it was free. Also, I…

  2. The new Bible for YouTube Optimization I have been managing a Youtube channel for several years. Tom Martin’s book is chock full of great information about how to optimize videos for more views. It is well written and extremely well organized which I really appreciate.At his website Mr. Martin offers a lot of great additions to the book: online resources for help with channel management, downloads, and explanatory videos.I am looking forward to doing a deep dive into the information provided because I am…

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