2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Gone”

  1. Guilty pleasure watching Entertaining plot hook, increasingly harder to maintain in the day to day business of the firm. One almost wishes, a couple of seasons in, they had found another more sustainable hook so the feeling of inevitable and impending doom didn’t hover so distractingly close, nearly overshadowing every episode. It got too heavy. However, I have thoroughly enjoyed this show. The leads, Adams and Macht mesh as well together as Newman and Redford in both the Sting and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid…

  2. Well written, well acted and looking forward to more Love this show. It is witty and well acted. I love the characters–can’t decide who I like the most, each is so well developed and well done yet makes the show work for his or her own quirks. The premise and the fact that the show is tasteful and professional–so many cable shows are rife with gratuitous swearing and sex. Here, the drama is done realistically but with class. The premise can be a little difficult to swallow (top law firm that allows someone to practice without a license?)…

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