XSKN Apple Final Cut Pro X 10 Shortcut Design Silicone Keyboard Skin Cover for Macbook 13 15 17 inch (US & EU Layout)

Compatible device (otherwise not compatible):
– for Macbook 13″ & 15″ that released before 2015 — Model A1278, A1286, A1297, A1342, A1369, A1398, A1425, A1466 & A1502.
– for Apple Aluminum Uni-body Wireless keyboard — Model A1314 – MC184LL/B, MLA22LL/A

Model Guide for Macbook: Turn your laptop upside down, underneath, locate the Model Number in small print that start with “A****”

Keyboard Version Note:
Fit for both US and EU Layout Macbook keyboard
US Layout: “Enter” key is a rectangle.
EU Layout: “Enter” key looks like “7”

Or match all below characteristics of Apple keyboard:
-total 6 lines of keys
-general key knob size of first line smaller than second line
-right arrow key is a narrow rectangular bar (not square)

-Clean by placing in boiling water and or washing with soapy water
-Strong and durable
-Easy to apply
-Fits every contour of your keyboard
-Reduces the sound from typing
-Unique thinness gives excellent fell

Package included:
– 1 x Silicone US&European standard keyboard Skin

Keyboard Cover Do NOT Compatible With :
-Macbook 12″ (A1534)
-Macbook with Touch Bar 13″, 15″ (A1706, A1707)
-New Macbook 13″ (A1708)
-Magic Keyboard (MLA22LL/A, MLA22B/A)
-Other keyboard brands

Product Features

  • Compatible with: MacBook Air 13 Inch (A1369 and A1466), MacBook Pro 13 Inch with Retina Display (A1425 and A1502), MacBook Pro 15 Inch with Retina Display (A1398), Old MacBook Pro 13 Inch with CD-ROM Drive (A1278), Old MacBook Pro 15 Inch with CD-ROM Drive (A1286) and iMac 1st Gen Wireless Keyboard (MC184LL/B), both US(ANS) and EU(IOS) Layout. Do NOT compatible 2016 and newer MacBook Pro 13/15 Inch with or without touch bar; Do NOT compatible 2018 new Macbook Air 13″ with Touch ID A1932
  • Provide shortcut designs for 2015 released Final Cut Pro X 10 video editing software, suit for FCPX macbook user, especially those do not familiar with hotkeys, help to increase your work efficiency
  • Manufactured to the Highest Quality Soft durable silicone material Available. Every detail clearly printed, perfectly engineered to ensure 1:1 fit,Perfectly engineered to ensure nicely fit
  • Each XSKN silicone skin is heat molded to ensure, each color is paints taking hand screened using silicone paint which is heat fuses into the silicone keyboard skin to become one, making it Soft, ultra-thin, durable and easy to washable
  • XSKN, the inventor of silicone keyboard skins and continues to search for the best quality silicone to ensure that organic cashmere feel. XSKN hand screen keyboard skins is a craft that cannot be duplicated by machines

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