3 thoughts on “Winter’s Bone”

  1. First-rate film making and story telling I had wanted to see this movie for a long time but was scared that it would just be too bleak and depressing.Well it is bleak and depressing but so amazingly well done that you are left in awe of it. Jennifer Lawrence is amazing. I was surprised some reviews said it was boring. I thought there were so many plot twists and unexpected turns to the story that I found it intriguing and rich. Like many have said, the sense of atmosphere and depiction of this world in the Ozaeks was…

  2. A great movie. This is the story of a girl trying to find her father to save her family’s home from being possessed by a bail bondsman. Her father (who cooks meth) put the property up for bond and then did not show for his arraignment. She has one week to either produce her father or prove he is dead before their meager possessions are confiscated. Everyone in her poor, rural, Ozark mountain community seems to know something about her father’s whereabouts but no one is willing to talk. Ree (our hero) bravely…

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