What Happens on Campus Stays on YouTube

This is the student version of Qualman’s book What Happens in Vegas Stays on YouTube. Learn the new rules for your reputation on campus, online and beyond. Today, your digital reputation is determining your next internship or job offer, your role in student organizations and leadership positions, even athletic scholarships and much more! This book will help you not only protect your reputation, but it will teach you how to leverage digital tools to produce a strong digital presence. The book includes several student case studies, tips, resources and more. You can read it in a day and reference it for a lifetime!

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  • Scarlet Knight Edition

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3 thoughts on “What Happens on Campus Stays on YouTube”

  1. A great common read… in the classroom and outside of it.. Really cute and catchy, but not as much substance as I would have liked. Any time a book has as many copy-editing errors as this one does, it makes me suspicious of the entire book. Suitable for a fast read through to reinforce concepts. But doesn’t break new ground. Qualman’s a raconteur, a engaging story-teller, but this book shows signs of being quickly put together and of fluff and repetitious material being added to make it long enough that it can be sold as a book without people squawking…

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