VideoDirector – Edit, Cut and Optimize Videos

Turn your creative ideas into incredible videos. The VideoDirector will not fail you, even if you have no prior experience in video editing.

Its modern and intuitive design makes the creation of videos simple and incredibly fun. Works with all common video, audio and photo formats. You can cut, trim, merge, rotate and split your material.

Use more than 600 filters, fading effects, text and music. Before you know it, you will have created your own video, and you can save it in all common video formats, burn it on CD or directly share it on YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo.

They are compatible with all mobile devices, be it iOS or Android, phone or tablet. And, of course, TV and various game consoles.

Some of the highlights in the spotlight:
– Extensive library with many sound effects, classic video effects and creative filters
– Simple sound track isolation, remove background noise and replace it with your favorite music
– Visual special effects such as split-screen or blue-screen, fast motion and slow motion
– Numerous effects for start and end credits
– Various fading effects such as shutter and zoom and customized fade-overs
– Dynamic texts and animated messages

System requirements:
Windows-compatible PC, Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 (SP1), Vista (SP2)
Contains license for full product. This is a lifetime license in the DVD Case. Registration information is in the box

Product Features

  • Edit, Cut and Optimize Videos – 4K Ultra HD
  • Remove background noise, add soundtracks
  • Creative fade-overs and filters
  • Extensive library with many sound effects, classic video effects and creative filters
  • Split-screen, green-screen and blue-screen and many other visual effects

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3 thoughts on “VideoDirector – Edit, Cut and Optimize Videos”

  1. I’ve been satisfied with the editing software Ok, this will be a somewhat lengthy review of this product, but I’m hoping it will help people decide whether to get it or not. I’ve had this product for a few months now, almost 6 I believe. And in that time, I’ve been satisfied with the editing software. I decided mid last year to start a YouTube channel and wanted to get a video editing software to help me spruce up my vids. I had been using Windows MovieMaker but it was so barebones and hard to work with when it came to large files that…

  2. Simple video editing. After switching to Windows 10, my old editing software didn’t function, so I purchased VideoDirector. I was pleasantly pleased at the ease of setup and began editing my video. My last software package was somewhat difficult, actually, more technical for my needs, but VideoDirector was remarkably simple.Within an hour, I had completed a short video. Adding stills was simple, as was adding short video clips. Then came the feature I appreciates most, adding music. Again, very simple…

  3. Great value and user friendly Very user friendly. Easy to install on my daughter’s Windows 10 laptop. Within an hour she completed her first Try not to laugh “vine” using videos she recorded on her iPhone and imported into her computer. It converted the file and she was able to easily edit it and add special effects and stills into the video. She really likes the software. She was previously using the iMovie app on her phone, but likes this software much better, says it is “awesome”. She is very happy with…

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