Video Editing with Adobe Premiere 6.5

Experience the thrill of creating your own digital video clips for playback on a personal computer, videotape, CD, DVD, or the Web! Chock full of fast-paced, high-interest tutorials and exercises, Video Editing with Adobe Premiere 6.5 is cleverly divided into sections that allow users of all abilities to quickly master the art of using one of today’s most popular digital video editing tools to combine video footage, sound files, photography, and art files. Heavily illustrated with dynamic media clips on the accompanying CD to engage interest, this book puts its readers on a direct path to presenting their own projects by following a few simple steps. As they learn how to navigate like a pro through the most sophisticated Adobe Premiere 6.5 features and functions, readers will glean useful insights into hardware needs, the proper use of transitions, the impact of motion effects, integrating and balancing sound files, streaming video for the Web, working with digital camcorders and decks, and more! To ensure a complete understanding of how files developed with other applications interact with Adobe Premiere 6.5, this book provides detailed instruction on how to import line art, photographs, and audio files created with other programs. Processes for exporting final video clips into other software applications for additional enhancements are also demonstrated clearly and concisely, making Video Editing with Adobe Premiere 6.5 an extraordinarily complete guide to the world of digital video creation.

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One thought on “Video Editing with Adobe Premiere 6.5”

  1. OK – but look out for mistakes Actually, I would rate the book about 2.5 stars. An average book that looks like it was written for Premiere 6.0 and then the single chapter on Titles was appended. However the book contains a lot of detail with mistakes as you progress through the lessons. Examples – Page 98 item 8, the “finish keyframe is D, not A. Another one that plagued Ch 4 and 5 was that Page 87 had the student set “Blast 14 to 37:15 with a duration of 2:15, which makes a total of 40 seconds. However, the rest…

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