Tube Ritual: Jumpstart Your Journey to 5,000 YouTube Subscribers

Everybody begins their YouTube journey from zero.

You have to start with no videos, views, or subscribers. Furthermore, more than 400 minutes of content is uploaded to YouTube each minute. To say that it’s challenging to grow a channel is an understatement! In fact, less than 3% of YouTube channels ever gain more than 10,000 subscribers. Yet, in a one-year period, Brian G Johnson gained 10,623 subscribers and drove over half a million video views. Truly beginning from zero. Brian had no previous YouTube success to draw from and had to learn the myriad of camera settings, editing options, and technical details that often become a roadblock. Furthermore, he did it in a small and competitive niche, the YouTube video marketing niche. How, you ask?

By researching, testing, and tweaking various video growth methods over a one-year period in order to identify why the YouTube algorithm promotes one video over another. Ultimately, this led to the creation of a video ritual based on his findings―a series of actions according to a prescribed order. More than a mere guide, Tube Ritual is a one-year case study with the goal being to drive more views and convert more viewers into subscribers. For those already creating videos or who want to in the future, Tube Ritual contains detailed, step-by-step information that plain works. From Branding to thumbnails, video structure, YouTube SEO, video calls to action, playlist strategies, channel strategies and more, Tube Ritual leaves no stone unturned.

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2 thoughts on “Tube Ritual: Jumpstart Your Journey to 5,000 YouTube Subscribers”

  1. A Definitive Guide for Succeeding at Building Your YouTube Channel Whether you’re just thinking about launching a YouTube channel or you’ve had one for a while (but haven’t seen the results you’d hoped for), this is the book for you. Author, Brian G. Johnson, shares with you his real-life experience of not only building out his YouTube channel, but how he grew his subscriber base to roughly 5,000 in approximately six months, 10,000 within a year (and, as I write this review, he now has 15,000+ subscribers).In “Tube Ritual Volume I” Brian…

  2. TUBE RITUAL is Packed with More Actionable Insight than most paid webinars, e-courses, or consults! I just finished reading this cover to cover.It is not easy to grow a YouTube Channel from scratch or learn the whole youtube system.Brian lays it out in a plain and easy to understand format.This is not a book by an already successful youtuber that goes back to reverse engineer their success to put out a book about it. Brian started this channel with the goal of figuring out what works from the git go. He figured out what works and he put it in this book.Let me put it to…

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