Transforming a PC into a Video-Editing Power-House

Transforming a PC into a Video-Editing Power-House. I thought this was a fairly straight-forward process: take my PC, pull all the guts out of the old case, put them in a new case, add some extra disks, configure a RAID array or two and call it done. The actual process ended up being much more convoluted and interesting than that. How about a RAID array with a transfer rate of 16,046.7 MB/s? That is sixteen thousand and forty-six point seven MegaBytes per second, which is sixteen GigaBytes per second. Pretty good, if I say so myself. The data transferred without the heads even moving! Computer science IS voodoo! It is amazing how bounce-back from a poor connection could convince my computer that it was writing to an array of hard-drives at a physically impossible rate. Amusing but bogus. The results when the disks rotated and the heads moved were much more mundane, but still four times the individual drive transfer rate. A faster version of this project could be built with faster hard-drives, even upgrading all drives to Seagate would be an improvement, based on test results. Ideally, one should start with: a faster processor and random access memory (RAM); a faster motherboard, with faster data buses; and faster hard-drives. I would also look for a motherboard with more SATA III (6Gb/sec) ports on board and a case that can hold more hard-drives. There are faster hard-drives and faster memory being developed. Even the hybrid SSD/SATA drive I installed in my MacBook improved performance. The future looks very good. Regardless of future possible improvements, the current state of this computer will make the author’s video-editing hobby much quicker, and more fun!

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