The Videomaker Guide to Video Production

From the editors of Videomaker Magazine comes this new edition that you have been waiting for. The Videomaker Guide Digital Video, fifth edition, provides information on all of the latest cutting edge tools and techniques necessary to help you shoot and edit video like the pro’s.

Learn about equipment, lighting, editing, audio, high definition, and all aspects of video from the leading experts on videography!

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3 thoughts on “The Videomaker Guide to Video Production”

  1. Not a textbook. Seems more like a randomly ordered compendium of pros’, semi-pros’, and hobbyists’ hints, tips, and articles than a textbook. Where a normal textbook slowly builds on previous chapters adding more skills and vocabulary terms as the book progresses, this is a group of articles written by different people who assume the reader already knows a lot of the skills, concepts, and jargon and have no knowledge of what’s covered in other chapters, so there’s also a bit of overlap and conflicting info…

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