2 thoughts on “The Original”

  1. Great show that outshines its source material Remember when we first hear of the Battlestar Galactica remake? We said -“really? That Star-Wars wannabe cheesy sci-fi show?” And then we got an amazing ride with every kind of emotion and situation that was deep, and interesting. So here we are with Westworld, a remake of a Michael Crichton movie. And we got a wild ride where we literally discuss the ability of mankind to “play God” and create a race of self-aware robots for the explicit purpose of being playthings for rich…

  2. I did enjoy that movie and thought it was ahead of its … I saw the original West World with Yul Brenner some years back. I did enjoy that movie and thought it was ahead of its time. This new West World is absolutely a mind blowing experience. In the original Yul Brenner was the primary “bad host; wherein this series everyone is primary at one point or another. Expanding the story to include so many characters and personalities, plus the talents of J.J. Abrams, Jonathan Nolan, Joy and a host of other excellent writers and producers from other…

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