The Little Digital Video Book

Congratulations! You’ve got a brand-new digital camcorder. Now what do you do with it? Before you shoot a single frame of tape, pick up The Little Digital Video Book. This friendly guide to the basics of digital video will teach you how to shoot well, organize easily, and quickly edit your own footage. For new camcorder owners, it’s the ideal–and affordable–introduction to the exciting world of quality digital filmmaking.

The Little Digital Video Book is not some dense, jargon-filled reference tome. Instead, it focuses on practical shooting and editing techniques, and shows you how to start (and actually finish) that video project you have in mind–in less than a day. You get a thorough grounding in the basics of digital video, from how to get a good close-up shot and how to add a sound track to your video to how to organize your videotapes. The Little Digital Video Book is platform- and software-neutral, truly making it the guide for the moviemaking masses.

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2 thoughts on “The Little Digital Video Book”

  1. A beautiful little book, emphasizing the essentials The Little Digital Video Book is practical and down-to-earth, but also charming. Rubin clearly knows the traps that most of us fall into — never finishing our projects, not discarding enough in editing, trying to do everything, failing to shoot all the elements of a good little video. And it’s the good little video — he calls it a video sketch — that this is all about: something you can finish in a couple of hours and enjoy… as well as learn from.Unlike most books on basic…

  2. Its a Beginning This can by no stretch of the imagination be considered a comprehensive guide to digital video. It cannot even be considered an adequate “operator’s manual”. It serves a much different purpose. It helps one who knows nothing or practically nothing to get started, to learn the right questions to ask and to determine if this is really a field of interest after all. For those purposes, it is excellent.In addition to some very basic general priniciples, this book also contains a lot of…

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