2 thoughts on “The Handmaiden”

  1. 5 Star Movie, 3 star Release Movie is fantastic, watch it asap. This review is primarily for this US Blu-ray release.Be warned that there is a bit of a controversy regarding the subtitles on this release. Due to the fact that both Korean and Japanese are spoken throughout the entirety of the film, in the theatrical release these two different languages were differentiated by the use of color. Korean was in White and Japanese in yellow. This is important because at some points in the film it is important to…

  2. 4.5 stars… “A story is all about the journey” “The Handmaiden” (2016 release from South Korea; 145 min.) brings the tale of a young maid in Japan-occupied Korea, As the movie opens, we see Sook-hee leave her family behind to start working as the maid to rich and beautiful Lady Hideko. It’s not long before we understand that in fact Sook-hee is there by design, as part of a plot involving a (fake) Count Fujiwara. Sook-hee must convince Lady Hideko to like and marry Fujiwara. But are things really what they look to be? At this point…

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