The Far Green Country

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2 thoughts on “The Far Green Country”

  1. Self-indulgent, privileged millennials take a boring trip They visit national parks and do things that millions of us do all the time, while attempting to stuff their child with information as if he is an empty thumb drive in need of downloads. If you get excited about seeing them deal with crises that their apparently-advantaged upbringing didn’t expose them to, like having to take clothes to a laundromat or deal with a brake replacement on their RV, this is the film for you. She is particularly insufferable, including her offering of overused…

  2. Why is this on Amazon?? OK, while I have empathy for anyone who has to go through a miscarriage, a traumatic birth and health issues in a child (and sorry your dog’s leg was amputated)… what?? A lot of people go through these things. And WAY MORE!! Let’s face it, after a life of swanning around the world, it seems motherhood was boring. So off she went in a giant RV, bringing hubby and son. The narration says it all… sounds like I’m overhearing someone’s cell phone conversation.This is a home movie to…

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