The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro: Learn advanced editing techniques to dramatically speed up your workflow

Gain in-depth knowledge of Premiere Pro, and learn how the software “thinks.” You’ll acquire new skills that will help you choose the best workflow for your project, and simplify and accelerate your video editing process. 
Learn how you can edit a lot faster with smarter workflows that automate several steps in the editing process. You’ll also see how custom settings, presets, keyboard shortcuts and templates saves hours of work. By tailoring the software to your needs you save clicks on just about every task. With many traditional jobs now being done by one person, its important to understand audio smoothing, color grading, motion graphics, and advanced editing techniques. You’ll learn these skills and disciplines and see how they’ll enhance your project’s workflow. 

All the authors are professional editors and want to know exactly how to cut your film as fast as possible with top quality output. There is invaluable information in The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro that’s not available anywhere else – not even in Adobe’s own manuals.
What You’ll Learn
  • Edit faster, no matter what the project
  • Understand the technical stuff, like timeline settings, render codecs, color subsampling, export settings, effect controls and monitor settings
  • Know when to send your clips to other Adobe software, and how to treat them there. 
  • Master the Premiere Pro timeline, even stacks of timelines, and edit, trim and adjust with ease
Who This Book Is For
  • Video journalists (and everyone else) will learn how to edit faster and get home in time for dinner.
  • Bloggers will learn how to make their online video and audio “pop”.
  • Film cutters will learn how to organize, rough cut and fine tune huge amounts of material effectively and how to output for digital cinema.
  • Experienced video editors will learn how to deal with multi-track audio and to work faster in every step of the edit.
  • Marketing people who edit video for social media and web pages will learn simpler ways to make a faster cut.
  • Teachers in media studies will understand the logic in Premiere Pro, and be better prepared for teaching video editing. 

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  1. this is the single best book on all the intricacies and functions of my … I’ve been editing Hollywood feature films for over 10 years with Adobe Premiere Pro. We used Premiere Pro to edit Dead Pool and Gone Girl.Cut to the chase…this is the single best book on all the intricacies and functions of my favorite editing software.It covers every aspect in a comprehensive manner and includes color images of all the components so you can actually see where it lives and what it does. At 1225 pages, it belongs on your bookshelf as a reference guide to grab…

  2. The Video Editor’s Encyclopedia This book is a must-have for anyone looking to expand their video editing knowledge and edit faster. If you have a question, this book will solve it. It has 20 pages of index to make it easy for you to look up professional tips on any subject, from masks, to nesting, templates, compression, sound editing and more! You no longer need Google search, just use the book’s index to find your answer. Not only does it offer advice on best workflows, but it answers the tough questions, such as…

  3. … Adobe for 17+ years and I’ve never seen anything like this comprehensive collection of tips and techniques

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