3 thoughts on “The Ballad of Lefty Brown”

  1. Money Corrupts And Well, Power corrupts Absolutely Good enough western and lead character to keep audience engagement. Well put together story line. They could have easily gone the Lefty as victim route but instead they fleshed his character out enough to make him a believable hero when all is said and done. Simple srory line, but forgiveabe since we are taken back to a time none of us will ever understand fully except fro what history has to tell. But in the end the message is loud and clear and lives into the 21st century. Money and power…

  2. Top-Tier Western This movie has heart, its not one of the best westerns out there but it offers a unique story to the genre that’s well written with a solid cast.Bill Pullman is excellent as Lefty Brown, a perceived fool with a reputation of cowardice who, without knowing it, embarks on an unexpected journey of redemption and revenge. A 60 year old man of seemingly no significance, Lefty Brown’s only saving grace is being the long time best friend and partner to a rancher who later becomes the…

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