3 thoughts on “The Assignment”

  1. Even with no budget Hill is solid stuff The Assignment isn’t technically a good movie. It’s probably not even finished. The whole film seems to have had it’s budget yanked out from underneath it for no good reason other than some people boo-ed it at a film festival to virtue signal like clapping seals. What makes The Assignment good though is it’s sheer bonkers nature.The movie is one crazy left turn after another. It’s got an overly complicated framing structure to the narrative, a beard that dares you to pull it like a…

  2. Very strange movie about a hitman and a narcissistic doctor. Spoilers follow! This movie is about a hit man who gets a sex change operation from an underground plastic surgeon. He gets it because of revenge. Michelle Rodriguez does an adequate job as the hitman, She has full body prosthetics at the beginning of the movie, and in full frontal nudity this hit MAN is extremely well endowed. I thought that a bit strange. Also Sigourney Weaver does an excellent job as a narcissistic doctor who has…

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