Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC/6 and 5: Producing Great Output (A Workshop on Video)

In this companion series to the widely acclaimed Lightroom Fundamentals & Beyond video training series, learn from Laura Shoe, an Adobe Community Professional and Certified Expert in Photoshop Lightroom, and a master teacher who excels at anticipating your questions.

In over 12 hours of instruction on 57 videos for Lightroom 5, 6 and CC 2015 (also completely relevant to Lightroom Classic 7!), learn at your own pace as Laura teaches you how to:

  • Master output topics such as size and resolution, color management and more
  • Design beautiful single and multi photo print layouts
  • Print like a pro to your own photo printer or export your designs to send out to print
  • Create stunning photo books and PDF e-books
  • Create and publish slideshows with music
  • Design and upload web pages to show off your photographs

Requires basic experience importing and editing photos in Lightroom. Check out Laura s Lightroom CC/6 and 5: The Fundamentals & Beyond video series for training in this and much more (comprehensive training in Lightroom s Library, Develop, and Map modules.)

57 videos (1024×768) playable on your Mac or PC computer, iPad, Iphone, and Android mobile device — learn at home or on the go!

Purchase grants you a license to use them forever on your own computers and mobile devices. License does not allow for resale or distribution.

CAUTION: Purchase new from seller only – used offers, as well as new offers from 3rd party sellers, are not legitimate and can’t be supported.

Getting Started

  • Understand why what you see on your monitor may not be what you get in print and other output), and what you can do to control this. Laura makes intimidating topics like color management, monitor calibration, color spaces easy for everyone to understand and to work with successfully.
  • Learn Laura s output workflow, from Library to Develop to output.


  • Learn to use Lightroom’s Print module to design single and multi-photo layouts,including contact sheets, picture packages and collages.
  • Add text and save your designs for use with other photos.
  • Print like a pro to your own printer or export your designs and have someone else print them or to share them online.
  • Learn how to tackle common printing problems.
  • Understand size, resolution, JPEG quality, printing with profiles, sharpening and other important topics that every photographer should master, whether you do your own printing or send photos out to be printed.
  • Learn how to determine how large you can print and still get great results, and how to set your printer settings for best results.


  • Design beautiful physical photo books and PDF e-books using Lightroom s Book module.
  • Set page background colors and graphics, add extensive professionally formatted text, vary page layouts using Lightroom s huge single and multi-photo page-layout library, create custom pages, learn to quickly auto-layout your book, and much more.
  • Learn how to export directly to a photo book publishing company, and how to export to PDF for showing off on your iPad, by email and more.
  • Reuse your book designs with new photos.


  • Create slideshows with Lightroom s Slideshow module to play from within Lightroom, or export to PDF or video (great for posting on YouTube, Facebook, etc.).
  • Add title slides and text to your photo slides, change background color and gradient, add music, refine your slide layouts and more.


Lightroom s Web module allows you to create web pages to show off your photos. Learn how to create and upload to your website.

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC/6 and 5: The Fundamentals & Beyond (A Workshop on Video)

In this Lightroom 5, 6 and CC 2015 version of the highly-acclaimed Fundamentals & Beyond series, delve into the fundamentals of Lightroom and way beyond, in 15½ hours of training on 76 videos. Laura guides you through how to organize and manage, fix and enhance and share your photos and videos in Lightroom in a way that beginners can easily understand and immediately put to use, and with enough depth that intermediate users can also benefit greatly. From her years of teaching experience, she anticipates where students get stuck, and with a clear and concise presentation style, guides you through the complexities with ease. Beginners: Laura advises you on which videos are most important to watch first so you don t get overwhelmed.

76 MP4 video tutorials (1024×768). For Mac and PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android mobile devices. No internet connection required! 74 videos apply to LR CC and 6; 69 apply to LR 5. Purchase grants you a license to use them forever on your own computers and mobile devices. The license does not allow for resale.

What You Get

  • Comprehensive top-quality instruction in 76 videos.
  • Laura’s practice photos for the lessons on developing and on panorama and HDR merges
  • A PDF of Laura s favorite Lightroom shortcuts
  • A detailed searchable index, so you can get back to any point in any of the videos
  • Free downloadable updates for any new features added to LR CC 2015 and 6.
  • Participation in an experimental private Facebook group in which to ask questions. (This group is being started on a trial basis. After purchase, contact Laura through her website for entry.)
  • Getting Started

    Understand how Lightroom works with a catalog and nondestructive editing, where to put your images and how to organize them, how to move your catalog and images, how to ensure that everything gets backed up, how to set preferences and catalog settings.


    Learn how to get around in the Library module, manage screen space, set view options, import photos and videos (including from Elements, iPhoto and Photos), manage your files and folders, resolve problems that occur, rate, flag and keyword your photos and videos, add metadata, find files, create collections and smart collections, and create smart previews for off-line editing. Learn the advantages of converting your raw files to DNG, and how to convert to and manage DNG files. Learn to use Publish Services to share your photos on Facebook, Flickr, and other services, how to email directly from Lightroom, and to create JPEG and other copies of your photos to share via Export. Learn how to play and trim your videos, how to capture JPEG snapshots, and develop them.


    After an overview of the Develop process, learn how to read the histogram, and then to use the crop, spot removal, and red eye tools. Learn the Basic panel, how to adjust individual tones with the Tone Curve, individual colors with HSL, black and white conversions and split toning, adding grain and vignettes, lens and perspective corrections, sharpening and noise reduction. Learn how to take advantage of virtual copies and presets, and how to use history and snapshots. Make local changes with the adjustment brush, radial filter and graduated filter. Work on multiple images with sync and auto sync. Understand color spaces, rendering intents and soft proof your photos for print or export. Learn different ways to view your image before and after your work. Integrate Photoshop or Elements into your Lightroom workflow.


    Understand where this powerful new module fits into your workflow, how to automate assignment of GPS location, and how to leverage the power of Address Lookup/Reverse Geocoding.

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