Influencer Marketing: How to Build Your Successful Personal Brand and Passive Income Idea Through Social Networks Such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for Beginners

What if you could drive customers to your website, almost at will, without spending a dime? 

What if you could create powerful advertising campaigns, that would have people spending money on your product or service in a matter of hours? 

Although it sounds like a fantasy, it turns out this kind of marketing power is accessible to anyone who is willing to put the work in, including you. The problem for most people is they aren’t sure where to begin and how to start getting followers on social media, which will turn into visitors on their main website that will evolve into paying customers. But don’t get discouraged – we’re here to tell you the exact steps you need to take in order to start making regular money online using social media networks and influencer marketing to drive traffic to your offers. 

The social media landscape has completely changed communication, how people interact, and how they entertain themselves. While the pace of change can be dizzying, there are many fundamental principles that are as old as marketing itself, and you just have to know how to apply them to the new landscape. Let the social media experts Jason Miller and Ray Robins show you the exact step-by-step methods that they use to bring customers to their own websites and online offers to make money. The fact is anyone can do it, and you can do it too. Why wait? Every day you let pass without learning this information is a day of lost opportunities. The time for you to take action is now. 

Let’s take a look at the things that you are going to learn in this groundbreaking audiobook on social media marketing and social media influencers:

  • Learn the most important social media networks and why they are important.
  • Find out how to leverage social media influencers to get your own following, or to advertise your products.
  • Learn how to advertise online using social media sites for pennies on the dollar, the types of advertising you should use, and what levels of income you should spend.
  • Find out how to exploit videos on YouTube in order to get people to watch your videos, for just a few cents.
  • Discover the latest ways to post effectively and generate a rabid following that can’t wait to hear from you.
  • The seven steps you must take to build an effective online sales funnel will help you bring paying customers to your business.
  • Become an instant expert on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube marketing, and learn how to use it to drive traffic to your online offers.

Social media is rapidly evolving, and the pace of change can leave many people feeling lost. But you don’t need to be one of those people. If you get Influencer Marketing today, we’ll demystify social media marketing for you and get you started on the right foot.

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HELP! My Kid Wants To Become a YouTuber: Your Child Can Learn Life Skills Such as Resilience, Consistency, Networking, Financial Literacy, and More While Having a TON OF FUN Creating Online Videos

DOES YOUR KID WANT TO BECOME A YOUTUBER? Like many parents, you are successful and that is awesome! But you are busy, and your kid spends much of his time with his face buried in his computer or phone! It is time to turn this screen time into LEARN TIME! Your kid is already in love with YouTube and is begging you to help them become a YouTuber! Stop worrying about it! LET ME HELP YOU HELP THEM! This book is for you to help understand the phenomenon that is YouTube and to give you tips to empower your kids to have a safe and meaningful experience on their favorite website. You will learn how to help your kid:

  • Create a channel making videos they love!
  • Understand the importance of networking with other kid YouTubers!
  • Stay safe online and how to handle trolls and harassment!
  • Learn how real kids make real money doing this!
  • And much, much more!

Many kids are making six-figure incomes from posting videos and having the time of their lives! YouTube is a wonderful hobby you can help your kids make the most of – and even a legitimate career path. Whatever the case, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! This is your chance to help your kid create their first business doing something they are super passionate about! Creating their own YouTube channel helps kids learn Resilience, Consistency, Networking, Financial Literacy, and much more while having a TON OF FUN! You have your hands full being a parent; I got this one for you!

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