YouTube Affiliate Marketing Secrets for 2019: Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing Strategies to Make Money Online; Build a Profitable Passive Income Business with Step-by-Step Social Media Video Guide

Are you looking for a new way to make money online in 2019, preferably without a lot of work, upfront investments, and huge risk involved?

 Well, then you are lucky that you stumbled upon this book.

Call me crazy but, unlike most digital marketing experts out there, I actually believe that there is a way to build a successful online business, without going through failures and sleepless nights.

That way is called YouTube affiliate marketing, and I will tell you right now:

I’ve been in digital marketing for over a decade now, and there’s never been a faster, easier and less expensive way to make money from home.

Here is why:

  • You don’t need to invest any money, ever. Everything you earn is pure profit.
  • All it takes is one good video to reach millions of people and make more money in a day than most people make in a year.
  • Most YouTubers have no idea what they are doing, so it won’t take you long to establish yourself as a go-to expert in your niche.
  • Best of all, a quality video you publish today could still be making you money in five to 10 years from now.

With that said, aren’t you curious to find out what you are going to learn in this book?

Here are some of the YouTube growth hacking secrets waiting inside:

  • Countless practical tips for building a successful you tube channel and effortlessly turning viewers into subscribers and raving fans.
  • How to become a you tube partner and make passive income from advertising, sponsorships, and merchandise.
  • Two-step process for finding an insanely profitable affiliate offer that will literary sell itself.
  • Five criteria for selecting a winning physical products your audience craves (with examples).
  • Step-by-step formula for filming engaging video reviews people will notice, watch till the end… and then follow through on.

Did I say that you don’t need any experience, money or talent to get started?

Let me say it again, in case you missed it the first time:

You don’t need any previous social media or video marketing experience, advertising budget, or one of those camera-friendly faces to make this work.

These battle-tested techniques are so powerful that even complete beginners can quickly attract a massive following and build a six or even seven figure income stream by just blindly following steps outlined in this book.

So here is my promise:

If you read it cover to cover, take massive action and do everything I suggest, this book will pay for itself within a couple of weeks.

And from that moment on, it’s on you…

Depending on how serious you are, one year from now you could be on some wild beach in Greece, sipping cocktails and filming a vlog.

Make the right decision now, and no goal will be out of your reach.

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Cool Tricks & Hot Tips for Adobe Premiere Elements, A Guide: A step-by-step guide to creating 50 cool special effects with – and dozens of … – Adobe’s best-selling video editing program

Want to create some movie magic? In a book peppered with dozens of Hot Tips for optimizing your Premiere Elements experience, we’ll show you how to dig deep into Adobe’s best-selling video editing program. From simple tricks, like adding an echo effect to your audio, to advanced tricks, like making a person appear to fly over a city skyline, you’ll learn, step by step: * How to create pan & zoom effects for your slideshows. * How to create a cool “time warp” video effect. * How to layer your photos to make them look three-dimensional. * How to dissolve from a modern-looking video into a ragged, old movie effect. * How to blur a face, as they do on the TV show “COPS”. * How to make a person appear to fly. * How to use “keying” effects to make a person appear to confront his identical twin. * How to create non-square graphics for your videos. * How to draw an animated line across a map. * How to create cool, custom transitions. * How to create cool titling effects, like Star Wars-style rolling titles. * How to use split-screen techniques and video grid effects to create the “Brady Bunch” effect.

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The Really, Really, Really Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Creating & Editing Digital Videos Using Your Computer: For Absolute Beginners of All Ages

Today, nearly everyone wants to make videos and post them on the Internet—and here’s a book that explains in simple everyday terms how it’s done. Even the technically challenged will learn to shoot and edit professional-quality work, upload it to the Web, view it on a TV set, or share it by mobile phone, thanks to the clear instructions and professional tips from filmmaker/animator Christian Darkin. He takes the budding videographer through the entire process, starting with selecting the right camcorder, writing the script, and composing the shots, through editing the raw footage in the computer and sharing the finished product with the world.


Product Features

  • Used Book in Good Condition

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Photoshop: Step-By-Step User Guide to Mastering Photoshop and Editing Photos like A Pro!


Step-By-Step User Guide to Mastering Photoshop and Editing Photos like A Pro!

Greetings! This book is a complete guide for the beginners who are interested in Photoshop. It provides a real learning in editing photos. Nowadays, people are becoming aware of using latest techniques to solve their problems with the help of guides. I have explained everything you need to learn about Adobe Photoshop and photo editing. This guide is an excellent creation by me to make you fully command on Photoshop. I have explained in detail about the techniques of using Photoshop and photo editing. The useful tips and tricks for using Photoshop are also mentioned in this e-book. After learning from this e-book, you will feel yourselves editing like a professional. The new tools for the freelance writers are also written here. In the end, I have tried my level best to teach you about the cursive and the handwriting fonts. These are the different writing styles which editors use to make a picture more attractive and presentable.

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The Best of The Digital Photography Book Series: The step-by-step secrets for how to make your photos look like the pros’!

What could top the #1 best-selling photography book of all time?


We’re talking about the award-winning, worldwide smash hit, written by Scott Kelby, that’s been translated into dozens of different languages, because it’s the one book that really shows you how to take professional-quality shots using the same tricks today’s top digital pros use.


Well, what if you took that book, created four more just like it but with even more tips, plucked out only the best tips from all five of THOSE books, updated the images, referenced all-new gear, and added a completely new chapter on how to make the transition from shooting photos with your phone to making photographs with your new DSLR?


In The Best of The Digital Photography Book, you’ll find all of Scott’s favorite tips and techniques curated and updated from The Digital Photography Book, Parts 1-5, along with a brand new chapter  on transitioning from your phone to a full-fledged DSLR. You’ll find everything that made the first five titles a success: Scott answering questions, giving out advice, and sharing the secrets he’s learned just like he would with a friend–without all the technical explanations and techie photo speak. This book will help you shoot dramatically better-looking, sharper, more colorful, more professional-looking photos every time. 


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Learning DaVinci Resolve 12.5: A step-by-step guide to editing and color grading

If you are a student of film and video or a seasoned post-production professional, this book is the perfect guide to the powerful editing and color grading tools in DaVinci Resolve 12.5. Using a complete project,this book takes you step-by-step, through starting a project, editing, color grading and final delivery. Each chapter uses exercises to cover essential tasks and tools, including: • Configuring critical project settings • Importing and organizing media • Editing and trimming techniques • Multicamera editing • Transitions, titles and speed effects • Pan and scan with Dynamic Zoom • Importing XML timelines • Color correction and balancing • Node based color grading • Secondary color correction • Power Windows, Qualifiers and tracking • Saving Versions of grades • Stabilization • Cloning with Node Sizing • Applying and tracking ResolveFX • Final output and delivery options Easy to follow, download instructions allow you to access 5GB worth of media that accompanies the exercises. Test questions are provided at the end of every chapter to help you retain what was covered.

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