How To Get Sponsored (Brand Deals, Free Products & More): For YouTube creators, Instagram influencers & any digital star

In this book we’ll discuss your value as a content creator and why you don’t need millions or even hundreds of thousands of followers to participate in brand deals. Whether you’re looking to bring in side income, get free products for your hobby or travel around for no cost, this book will give you actual working tips and tricks to make it happen. This book is no-frills. I could have made it hundreds of pages long but that’s a waste of both of our time. This book is a valuable resource you can easily flip back through to reference specific lines and sections that you can apply on a daily basis.My goal is for you to be able to consume this book fairly quickly and begin using it for your own brand. It doesn’t matter what your current combined following number is at because this book applies to everyone. If you’re a creator with a substantial following on multiple platforms but haven’t had luck with brand deals, there are many lessons included that will change the way you operate and ultimately result in more success. If you’re just getting started, you’ll learn easy ways to start making money and getting free products while also building a portfolio for future brand deals.With all of that covered, I invite you to begin your journey through the world of sponsorships and all that comes with it.

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A Long Time Ago, in a Cutting Room Far, Far Away: My Fifty Years Editing Hollywood Hits – Star Wars, Carrie, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Mission: Impossible, and More

A Long Time Ago in a Cutting Room Far, Far Away is a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most influential films of the last 50 years by Paul Hirsch, a film editor who worked on more than 40 features. 

Starting with his work on Carrie, Hirsch gives insight into the production process, touching upon casting, directing, cutting, and scoring. It’s a riveting look at the decisions that went into creating memorable and iconic scenes and offers fascinating portraits of filmmakers, stars, and composers.

Part film-school primer, part paean to legendary directors and professionals, the funny yet insightful writing will entertain and inform aficionados and casual moviegoers alike.

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Sorry About the Mess: A Star Wars Fan’s Journey Through YouTube, Fandom, Social Media, Fatherhood, and Life

Hi! I’m HelloGreedo. I started a Star Wars YouTube channel in 2011, and now I wrote a book.

Writing Sorry About The Mess was a happy accident. In 2016, I enrolled in two college classes that had a four hour break between them. My goal was to use those four hours to work on scripts and videos for my YouTube channel. While I did hash out a lot of videos during that break, I also began typing random thoughts, chronicling some life experiences, and cataloging opinions on various subjects. Over the past three years, whenever I felt like it, I would add to the book. Slowly but surely those random thoughts formed into (semi) cohesive chapters, and those chapters became this book.

Sorry About The Mess is a lot like my live streams; random and all over the place. I have a habit of ping-ponging from topic to topic.

This book ended up being more personal than I originally anticipated. If you’re looking for 200 pages of nothing but a Star Wars discussion, you might want to look elsewhere! In Sorry About The Mess, you’ll follow me on a journey through fandom, fatherhood, the United States Navy, clickbait, social media, and much more! I named it Sorry About The Mess for a reason. I should have hired an editor…


  1. The Origin Story
  2. Why Star Wars?
  3. Clickbait & Social Media
  4. YouTube
  5. My Top Ten Movies
  6. The United States Navy
  7. Video Games
  8. Being a Dad
  9. Supporter Q&A
  10. In Closing

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2018 ASUS Laptop – 11.6″ 1366 x 768 HD Resolution – Intel Celeron N4000 – 2GB Memory – 32GB eMMC Flash Memory – Windows 10 – Star Gray

ASUS VivoBook E12 E203MA Laptop: Power through a full day’s work with this 11.6-inch Asus E203MA laptop. The Intel Celeron N4000 processor runs demanding programs effortlessly, while the 2GB of RAM let you work through your task list efficiently. The 32GB eMMC storage provides plenty of space for file archives. This Asus E203MA laptop has a 10-hour battery life to take you through the entire workday.

Product Features

  • 11.6″ display Typical 1366 x 768 HD resolution. Energy-efficient LED backlight.
  • Intel Celeron processor N4000 Entry-level dual-core processor for general e-mail, Internet and productivity tasks.
  • 2GB system memory Enough high-bandwidth RAM to meet the system requirements and run basic programs, but not many at once.
  • 32GB eMMC flash memory This ultracompact memory system is ideal for mobile devices and applications, providing enhanced storage capabilities, streamlined data management, quick boot-up times and support for high-definition video playback.
  • Intel UHD Graphics 600 On-processor graphics with shared video memory provide everyday image quality for Internet use, basic photo editing and casual gaming.

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Making YouTube Videos: Star in Your Own Video! (Dummies Junior)

The fast and easy way for kids to shoot, edit, and share videos on YouTube

Does your child long to create and post videos on YouTube in hopes of becoming the next “YouTube celebrity?” Whether looking to go viral or simply wanting to make videos for their friends, Making YouTube Videos is the place your kid should start. Written by a filmmaking expert who runs camps for wanna-be filmmakers as young as seven, this fun and friendly guide takes your child step by step through the process: from idea creation to production to sharing on YouTube.

Written in a language they’ll understand and filled with eye-popping graphics that make the information come to life, Making YouTube Videos takes the intimidation out of working with video technology and offers your child a friendly, trusted source for expressing their creativity. Kids will work through small projects with end-goals that help promote confidence. With content that is accessible and easy to understand, this book is ideal for youngsters who want to go solo or work with you or another adult instructor.

  • Introduces ideas on framing, lighting, and sound
  • Shows kids how to load a video, add transitions, and add effects
  • Provides easy-to-follow instruction on uploading a video to YouTube and setting who can see or not see their video
  • Explains how to grab free software and make simple edits, like cutting out scenes, adding to a timeline, and implementing transitions

If you want to encourage your child’s enthusiasm but don’t want to endure a meltdown, Making YouTube Videos makes it easy for your aspiring filmmaker to fulfill his or her dream.

Product Features

  • Wiley

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