YouTube Playbook 2020: The Practical Guide To Rapidly Growing Your YouTube Channels, Building a Loyal Tribe, and Monetizing Your Following

If You Want The Key Strategies to Rapidly Growing Your YouTube Channel in 2020 And Beyond Even If You’ve Never Uploaded a Video Before and Have Major Camera Anxiety Then Keep Reading…

Do you want to create and grow a successful YouTube channel? Do you want to create videos your passionate about? Do you want to build a career and earn $1000’s every month doing something you love?

YouTube has changed the way we view videos, and has opened up an incredible opportunity to creative entrepreneurs looking to create Videos they are passionate about, but not only that make six to seven figures annually doing what they love!

There is absolutely no reason you couldn’t do exactly the same, many people have said “YouTube is dead!” yet videos are getting more views than ever and channels are growing faster than ever, so I don’t quite buy it.

Of course, the strategies that worked in 2012 don’t work now, but by following a proven updated for 2020 blueprint to YouTube success there is absolutely no reason you couldn’t build a HUGE YouTube following with thousands, if not millions of subscribers.

We made it our mission to provide that exact practical blueprint to guide you from 0 subscribers to rapid YouTube success. We cover EVERYTHING you need to know from overcoming Camera Anxiety, to scaling your channel by building an incredible team.

Don’t waste any more time, and start your journey to YouTube success today.

Here’s a Slither of What you’ll Discover Inside…

  • A Step by Step Guide to Overcoming Camera Anxiety and Easily Recording as Many Videos as Your Heart Desires
  • 5 Income Streams You Can Develop From Your YouTube Channel (Making Money From Ads Is Only One Way!)
  • How to Ethically ‘Hack’ The Most Popular Videos to Give You Endless Amounts of Video Ideas! (And Ones That Could Go Viral….)
  • The Must Know Strategies to Rapidly Gain Subscribers in 2020
  • 7 Essentials to Creating a Professional Channel
  • Why Social Media is Your Best Friend for Promoting Your Videos and Growing Your Brand Rapidly
  • How Goal Setting Can Help You Build a YouTube Channel
  • What Video Influencers With Millions of Subscribers Know about Channel Growth That You Don’t!
  • Use This 1 Trick to Get More Views (video timing)
  • Why Engagement With Your Audience is Key and How To Increase Engagement Hugely
  • 7 Steps to Building a YouTube Channel Brand That Creates You a Loyal Tribe of Followers
  • How to Effectively Use Analytics to Monitor and Grow Your Channel
  • Why YouTube Live Streaming is Essential in 2020
  • How to Find Your Niche and Build Your Audience in That Niche!

And that is BARELY scratching the surface!

Even if you have unbearable camera anxiety, even if you’ve never uploaded a YouTube video before and even if you’ve failed with YouTube channels in the past, this book outlines exactly how to build an amazing channel for scratch that can make you $1000’s on autopilot! (Oh and how to compete with the Million-subscriber monsters!)

So If You Want the Proven Blueprint to Rapidly Growing and Sustaining a YouTube Channel Then Scroll up and Click “Add to Cart”

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Social Media Marketing and Personal Branding Bible: The Practical Guide to Rapidly Growing Your Business and Brand with Marketing and Advertising on Facebook, You Tube, Instagram and More

If you want to learn how you and your business can dominate social media then keep reading….

Do you want to get more leads than ever before? Do you want to learn proven strategies to build huge social media followings? Do you want to learn how you can take your business and personal brand to the next level?

A lot of the time, social media can seem like a whirlpool that is impossible to navigate and is just a bundle of confusions.

Instead, we are providing an easy to follow blueprint to success on both social media marketing and personal branding in this two-in-one book bundle.

Social media is taking over the world and it only takes a browse of Facebook to see it’s taking over marketing as well. Long gone are the days of billboard and radio ads, instead, we are in the age of digital and tailored marketing to the consumers’ interests.

In terms of personal branding, influencers with millions of followers, and subscribers are the modern day celebrities, quite frankly anyone who is anyone has a substantial social media following.

Don’t you think it’s time you got in on the trend before it’s too late?

Here is just a slither of what you will discover inside:

  • The five must know strategies to dominate social media in 2019
  • How to get more leads by spending less on marketing
  • Five simple steps to blow up your YouTube channel in 2019
  • The essential effective Facebook AD strategies for 2019
  • A simple, yet powerful method Instagram models use (that you can to) to gain more followers and likes quickly
  • The most underrated social media platform for marketing
  • The number one platform you must master to get the most success with social media marketing
  • The 10 golden rules of personal branding
  • Think you need millions of followers to have a successful personal brand? Think again.
  • What successful influencers know about monetizing their audience, that you don’t.
  • How unemployed teenagers are building huge Instagram accounts.

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