Photo Organizing Made Easy: Going from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed

“No organizing project is more daunting than photographs, and no one is better equipped to walk you through the process than Cathi Nelson!” —Julie Morgenstern, New York Times Best-selling Author Our photos. They are the keepers of our most precious memories and the tellers of our most cherished stories. But in the digital age, and when free time is nonexistent, organizing your photos – the thousands stored in shoeboxes under your bed, in fading photo albums, and on your phone – is a daunting task! In Photo Organizing Made Easy: Going from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed, professional photo organizers share their eight, doable steps to help you organize, maintain, and most importantly, enjoy your photos. You’ll learn how to tackle the challenges of time and technology, have access to trusted resources when you need a helping hand, and benefit from expert advice. We are a people of stories. Taking the time to organize your photos is a priceless investment and a gift your loved ones will treasure for generations to come.

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Mastering Photographic Histograms: The key to fine-tuning exposure and better photo editing

Histograms are the key to proper exposure and creating stunning images in the post-processing stage of DIGITAL photography.

Photographic Histograms are unique to Digital Photography.

Most books on the subject of Photographic Histograms only discuss the Luminosity Histogram that is projected on the LCD screens of Digital cameras. There are three other types of Histograms that you should know about — RGB, Colors, and Color Channel.

Most books also only describe the basics of how to use the Luminosity Histogram to set exposure. In this relatively short but fact filled book you will learn how histograms are created and their significance to photography.

Though they did not exist in the days of film photography, they are closely related to the Exposure Zones System created by Ansel Adams and Fred Archer around 1939.

Can you identify with any of these experiences?

  • Do your eyes glaze over when people talk about histograms?
  • Do you feel that histograms are too technical for you?
  • Are you enthused about photography but confused by all the technical jargon?
  • Do you wonder how professional photographers get such great images?
  • Are you tired of well-intentioned friends giving you bad advice about photography?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, end the frustration. Just scroll up and grab a copy today.

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Photoshop For Beginners – Learn The Basics Of Photoshop In Under 10 Hours! (Graphic Design, Photo Editing, Adobe Photoshop, Digital Photography)

This book has comprehensive information on how to master the basics of Photoshop fast

Photoshop; it is undoubtedly a household name for all ‘photoshopping’ endeavors. Whether you know what Photoshop is capable of or are a complete beginner wishing to create excellent digital works, you will hear almost everyone tell you that you can always ‘Photoshop’ it to make it the way you want.

Whether you are a designer, photographer, a digital artist or a casual graphic design enthusiast, having a powerful graphics software and photo editing application especially if you aim to create great digital works is critical and actually not anything, you can debate about. Although there are plenty of graphics apps and photo editing software to serve different fields, Adobe Photoshop is ever-present as an industry-standard software for graphics solutions. From being the best in photo effects to providing excellent results that are eye catching, Photoshop does it all. The Photoshop application is undoubtedly the leading editing software trusted and widely used by professionals.

But just because Photoshop as a product is extremely powerful doesn’t mean that it will magically transform your photo the way you want without your input. In essence, you MUST learn the basics if you truly want to unleash some if not all the powerful features that Adobe Photoshop boasts of. Photoshop may be a baffling application to understand especially for first timers. This beginner’s guide will help you learn the basics of Photoshop and photo editing and get you started on this exciting journey.

Take action and buy this book today!

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Photo and Video Editing for Seniors (Computer Books for Seniors series)

Windows Live Photo Gallery and Movie Maker are free programs that will allow you to organize, edit and share your digital photos and videos. In the step-by-step computer book Photo and Video Editing for Seniors you will learn to work with these photo and video editing programs from Windows Live. With just a few mouse-clicks you can create beautiful pictures, by editing them in the user-friendly Windows Live Photo Gallery program. You can share your photos with others, for instance in an online photo album, or slide show. In Windows Live Photo Gallery you can also easily arrange your pictures and add tags to them. With Windows Live Movie Maker you can create a professional-looking movie with your videos and photos from your (grand)children, a vacation, a recent day trip or a wedding. You can add special effects, transitions, sound, and captions to your movie. To be able to show your movie to other people, you will learn how to prepare it and send it by e-mail, burn it to a DVD, or upload it to YouTube. Finally, we will discuss how to import your videos and photos from a digital video camera, photo camera, mobile phone or other external storage device.

Learn how to:

  • Download and install Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Arrange and edit photos
  • Print and e-mail photos
  • Create an online photo album
  • Create a movie with Windows Live Movie Maker
  • Add effects, music, titles and captions
  • Publish your movie on YouTube or copy it to a DVD
  • Import photos and videos from a photo camera, video camera or mobile phone

Suitable for:
Windows 8.1, 7 and Vista

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