V8 Sound Card Voice Changer, Multiple Funny Sound Effects, Ouying Audio Mixer for Phone iPad Computer PS4 Xbox Dj Recording YouTube LiveMe Facebook Live Periscope Anchor (V8) (v8a2 black)

Four live modes and interface settings
1. Mobile live broadcast: live 1 or live 2, accompaniment or musical instrument, earphone, dynamic microphone / condenser microphone
2. Mobile live computer accompaniment: live 1 and live 2, computer accompaniment / instrument interface, headphones
3. Computer live broadcast: mobile phone accompaniment / musical instrument, computer charging interface, headphones, condenser microphone / dynamic microphone
4. Single mobile phone live or K song: live 1 / live 2, headphones, condenser microphone / dynamic microphone

1*Ouying V8 live voice changer mixer sound card
1*chargering cable
2*recording cable(accompaniment cable)
1*operating instruction manual

Step 1.you need to prepare a microphone with a 3.5 mm jack. You need to connect the microphone to the sound card. You need to insert the microphone into the “Condenser mic” jack on the back of the voice card.
Step 2.you need to connect the sound card to the handle of the PS4, use the audio cable (not inclued) , insert one end of the data cable into the “Earphone speaker” on the back of the sound card, and insert the other end into the handle of the PS4.
Step 3, you need to insert your headphones into the “Headset” on the sound card, so that you can hear the sound. When you press the “Pitch Bend” button or the “Magic” button, you can change your voice. You will also hear your own changed voice,do not forget to open “Monitor function”
others game device are also like above,But make sure your device supports external sound input,Before your orders, make sure your understanding the operation

Product Features

  • 12 Funny Sounds and Voice Effects:Despise, Shot, Beating, Coldfied, Songs, DogBarking, Laughter, Applause, Kiss, Awkward, Minions, Time, all above in our ouying V8 voice changer mixer are available.Before using the sound card, please refer to the user manual. There is also a video introduction on the YTB. To turn on the product, press the power button for about 3 seconds. If the indicator light is off, please charge the sound card
  • 6 Kinds of Electronic Sound Available: Electro, Pitch Bend, Magic, Shock-Wave, MC, Dodge, there are TREBLE, BASS, RECORD, MUSIC, MONITOR function on V8 voice changer as well, And there is a microphone and reverb(ECHO) adjustment knob
  • Muti-Device Support: Ouying V8 voice changer mixer supports Android, IOS mobile phones, Mac computers, PS4, Xbox and other games gaming devices to change voice or sound-mixing, Which will makes your life and exp more funny
  • Live Sound Changer Card Can Widely Used in Many SNS Platform:Youtube, Tiktok, Periscope, Livestream, Facebook live, live, pikoo, younow, live me, on AIR and more. You can do many Anchor in anytime and anywhere, Video game anchor, Outdoor anchor, YouTube anchor, Indoor anchor
  • You Will Get:1*Ouying V8 live sound card, 1*chargering cable, 2*recording cable(accompaniment cable), 1*operating instruction manual.If you have other questions about the sound card (such as sound card compatibility, how to connect with other devices and the correct method), please contact us in time to avoid unnecessary trouble, we will reply within 24 hours

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