From Zero to One Million Followers: Become an Influencer with Social Media Viral Growth Strategies on You Tube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and The Secrets to Make Your Personal Brand Known

Are you looking for the competitive edge to take your personal brand to new heights and be in control of your career?

The secrets to drive massive amounts of traffic to your content without paying for it and dominate your competitors? Become the next influencer where your essence can’t be forgotten by the enormous value you provide to the consumers?

Just 10 years ago mass-market retailers were associated with brands. With the development of social media, the shift of tradition brands has gone personal. Social media platforms have provided the link to bridge your content to the consumer with ease. That’s what this audiobook is about. To get consumers to walk across the bridge to your content. The opportunity to provide value and establish yourself as an authority figure. The chance to leave a legacy behind by turning your brand viral so you can automatically turn your followers into customers.

To establish a real personal brand, you need a plan. You need to learn to use social media to its full potential. You need to understand each platform and the algorithm they’re built on. I will provide you with the secrets and up to date strategies, so you know which factors to focus on and what is a waste of time. I guarantee that if you follow the strategies in this audiobook, one year from now you will have done a complete 180 with your life and achieved the financial freedom only few have reached.

You will learn:

  • The YouTube algorithm to optimize your content to its full potential and rank first page.
  • The up to date must know Instagram secrets to 10X your followers organically in a year.
  • Exposing Facebooks algorithm so one ad can reach millions of views.
  • The Twitter marketing tips that actually convert on your content to monetize.
  • How to identify the content your target audience is looking for and go viral.

If you’re looking for how to build a real successful personal brand, then this audiobook is a must for you. Get your copy of next level personal branding secrets now!

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How I Made A Million Telling The Truth On YouTube

Congratulations! You have picked up the right book to jump start your YouTube channel!It isn’t easy getting noticed and making it big on YouTube with all of the competing noise. But I am here to tell you that it is possible! By following the advice in this book, you can make a million by telling the truth on YouTube.In this book you will learn how to:Understand YouTube’s AlgorithmsImprove Your Search RankAdvertise Your VideoIncorporate Other Social MediaEngage Effectively With Your AudienceChoose the Right EquipmentFilm High-Quality VideosChoose Highly Engaging ContentThere is no time like right now to get started on improving your channel and growing your brand or business. This book provides a quick and easy to follow guide to reaching your full potential on YouTube. You Got This!Mike Quist is the successful entrepreneur behind Stone Coat Countertops. In one year, his YouTube channel grew from a handful of subscribers to over 100,000 and grows by about 20,000 active subscribers every month. He uses his YouTube channel to share his expertise on DIY home renovations and now he is sharing his expertise for a successful YouTube Channel to the world through his first book. For more resources and to learn more about Mike visit

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One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days

Over 60 billion online messages are sent on digital platforms every day, and only a select few succeed in the mad scramble for customer attention. 

This means that the question for anyone who wants to gain mass exposure for their transformative content, business, or brand or connect with audiences around the globe is no longer if they should use social media but how to best take advantage of the numerous different platforms. 

How can you make a significant impact in the digital world and stand out among all the noise? 

Digital strategist and “growth hacker” Brendan Kane has the answer and will show you how—in 30 days or less. A wizard of the social media sphere, Kane has built online platforms for A-listers including Taylor Swift and Rihanna. He’s advised brands such as MTV, Skechers, Vice and IKEA on how to establish and grow their digital audience and engagement. Kane has spent his career discovering the best tools to turn any no-name into a top influencer simply by speaking into a camera or publishing a popular blog—and now he’ll share his secrets with you. 

In One Million Followers, Kane will teach you how to gain an authentic, dedicated, and diverse online following from scratch; create personal, unique, and valuable content that will engage your core audience; and build a multi-media brand through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. 

Featuring in-depth interviews with celebrities, influencers, and marketing experts, including: 

  • Chris Barton, cofounder and board director of Shazam and former head of Android business development for Google
  • Ray Chan, CEO and cofounder of 9GAG
  • Julius Dein, internet personality and magician with nearly 16 million Facebook followers
  • Mike Jurkovac, Emmy Award–winner and creative director of and the Black Eyed Peas
  • Phil Ranta, former COO of Studio71 and VP of network at Fullscreen
  • Eamonn Carey, managing director at Techstars London
  • Jonathan Skogmo, founder and CEO of Jukin Media, Inc.
  • Jon Jashni, founder of Raintree Ventures and former president and chief creative officer of Legendary Entertainment

One Million Followers is the ultimate guide to building your worldwide brand and unlocking all the benefits social media has to offer. It’s time to stop being a follower and start being a leader.

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