LTRINGYS Photography Softbox Lighting Kit 20″X28″ Continuous Lighting System Photo Studio Equipment with 2M Adjustable Stand and 5500K LED Bulb for Shooting and YouTube Video (2 Pack)

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LTRINGYS Softbox Light Kit is the perfect kit for beginners and professionals. It includes:

2 x Softbox with diffuser cover, 

2 x foldable light stands

3x 58 W LED bulbs, 

1 x one-piece portable Pack

One-piece softbox with E27 socket

The integrated design of the bracket and the light box is more convenient, and the umbrella design is more convenient and simple to disassemble and install.

High temperature resistant ceramic lamp holder, not easy to aging, good insulation, fast heat dissipation

It is not equipped with cumbersome adjustment buttons, which can be adjusted according to the shooting needs.

A softbox with a high-reflective coating makes the light more even and soft

The switch is made of ABS material and is ergonomically designed with a line-controlled switch. It can be operated with one hand and is more convenient.

The changes we made: Abandoning the traditional fragile, incandescent bulbs that are not energy efficient and dark, using LED bulbs, saving up to 80%, more adequate and more uniform light supplements

We will add your led light bulb as a supplement to avoid the bad use of the light bulb in long-distance logistics.

If you have any concerns about our lighting equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will listen here and be prepared to help answer any questions or solve any problems you may have.

Product Features

  • 【Photography Lighting Kit】: 20 x 28-inch softbox reflector with professional high temperature resistant silver reflective fabric,soften the hard light and eliminate object shadows, high reflective, uniform light, with 2xE27 socket, can be directly connected to the bulb to provide light, Adjustable lamp holder for flexible adjustment according to different shooting needs
  • 【Continuous Lighting】: Compare with other sellers on the market, we replaced the ordinary incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs to extend the life of the softbox, avoiding the broken glass tubes to hurt people, no stroboscopic,Even with a mobile phone, you can shoot the standard of a professional camera.
  • 【Softbox with Adjustable Stand】: The top of the bracket is equipped with 1/4″ standard thread. This aluminum folding bracket can be adjusted to a height range of 27″ – 79″. The very stable 3-leg stage design and sturdy locking system ensure that all your items are safe and do not swing during use.
  • 【Professional Softbox Equipment】: This soft light box lamp is very suitable for professional photographers to shoot characters, large items such as luggage, etc. It is also a supplementary light source for live broadcast, etc. It can also be used as an important light source for recording high-quality Youtube videos and makeup tutorials.
  • 【What You Get】: This photography lighting kit includes 2 x Softbox with diffuser cover, 2 x foldable light stands (27 inches expandable to 79 inches), durable and foldable, easy to carry, 3x 58W LED bulbs,1x one-piece portable Pack, within 3 months, if you are not satisfied with the goods, you can click “Lightbox” to ask us questions, we will ensure that you get a FULL REFUND

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