Cool Tricks & Hot Tips for Adobe Premiere Elements, A Guide: A step-by-step guide to creating 50 cool special effects with – and dozens of … – Adobe’s best-selling video editing program

Want to create some movie magic? In a book peppered with dozens of Hot Tips for optimizing your Premiere Elements experience, we’ll show you how to dig deep into Adobe’s best-selling video editing program. From simple tricks, like adding an echo effect to your audio, to advanced tricks, like making a person appear to fly over a city skyline, you’ll learn, step by step: * How to create pan & zoom effects for your slideshows. * How to create a cool “time warp” video effect. * How to layer your photos to make them look three-dimensional. * How to dissolve from a modern-looking video into a ragged, old movie effect. * How to blur a face, as they do on the TV show “COPS”. * How to make a person appear to fly. * How to use “keying” effects to make a person appear to confront his identical twin. * How to create non-square graphics for your videos. * How to draw an animated line across a map. * How to create cool, custom transitions. * How to create cool titling effects, like Star Wars-style rolling titles. * How to use split-screen techniques and video grid effects to create the “Brady Bunch” effect.

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