HDE 6 Inch Pop Filter Shield Studio Microphone Wind Screen with Stand Clip for Blue Yeti Microphones and USB Condenser Mics (Black)

These days it seems like anyone with a microphone and an afternoon can put their voice on the internet. How do you distinguish yourself from the countless amateurs clogging the airwaves? By upping your recording quality with a professional pop filter. The HDE Pop Filter is your ticket to professional-sounding audio by reducing the plosives of hard consonants and increasing overall recording quality. Dual-layered, woven nylon material assists you in producing crystal clear, pop-free audio for every one of your recordings. A filter doubles as protection against excess moisture from overly eager performers, extending the lifespan of your equipment. Installation is easy; simply clamp the end of the device to the microphone stand, then tighten and position as needed. Find out the difference for yourself with an HDE Pop Filter for your microphone and record quality audio every time.

Product Features

  • 🎤PITCH PERFECT SOUND: Get loud and clear recordings every time, double mesh screen design reduces wind interference eliminates popping sounds and prevents dust and saliva from entering the microphone | Reduces corrosion and mold to extend the microphone’s life
  • 🎤CLEAN PROFESSIONAL AUDIO: Mesh screen reduces popping noise during recording when saying words that start with either P, T, K, D, G and B | For best result position pop filter in front of recording area of microphone
  • 🎤FLEXIBLE SETUP OPTIONS: 360 degree flexible goose neck holder will support the weight of the shield and allow for easy trouble free positioning and placement of the microphone
  • 🎤SECURE FIT: Adjustable clamp can be attached to all types of microphones including popular desktop USB microphones | Screw on clamp is easily attachable will not damage microphone
  • 🎤MEASUREMENTS: 6-inch diameter shield, 14-inch flexible gooseneck, 2-inch adjustable clamp

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Blue Microphones Yeti Teal USB Microphone with Studio Headphones and Knox Pop Filter

Create unparalleled recordings with your computer using Blue’s best-selling Yeti family of USB microphones. Thanks to tri-capsule technology, Yeti microphones produce pristine, studio-quality recordings with legendary ease. And four different pattern settings offer incredible flexibility so you can record vocals, music, podcasts, audio for video, interviews, or even cryptozoology lectures in ways that would normally require multiple mics. Whether you’re recording at home, on the road, or in the Himalayas, Yeti helps you produce studio-quality recordings every time.

Yeti for Any Application

Blue Microphones tri-capsule technology gives you four distinct pattern modes to choose from:

  • Cardioid Mode – Perfect for podcasts, game streaming, vocal performances, voice-overs and instruments. Cardioid mode records sound sources that are directly in front of the microphone, delivering rich, full-bodied sound.
  • Stereo Mode – Uses both the left and right channels to capture a wide, realistic sound image – ideal for recording acoustic guitar or choir.
  • Omnidirectional Mode – Picks up sound equally from all around the mic. It’s best used in situations when you want to capture the ambience of being there – like recording a band’s live performance, a multi-person podcast or a conference call.
  • Bidirectional – Records from both the front and rear of the microphone – good for recording a duet or a 2-person interview.

Total Recording Control

Yeti features studio controls for headphone volume, pattern selection, instant mute and microphone gain – putting you in charge of every level of the recording process. If you’re experiencing distortion or feedback while recording an especially loud source, simply adjust the mic’s sensitivity with the gain control. Or if you want to take a break in the middle of a podcast, use the instant mute button.

Product Features

  • BLUE MICROPHONE YETI USB: The ultimate professional USB microphone
  • CONDENSERS: Three condenser capsules can record almost any situation
  • POLAR PATTERNS: Cardioid, Bidirectional, Omnidirectional, Stereo
  • DESIGN: Hassle-free setup and recording, Unique positionable design
  • BUNDLE INCLUDES: Blue Yeti USB Microphone (Teal), Tascam TH-03 Closed Back Over-Ear Headphone (Black) Knox Gear Pop Filter for Yeti Microphones

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Sun Nowa Blue Light Blocking Computer Gaming Unisex Glasses Anti UV Light TR90 Frame (Crystal Pink, 1.0)


“Sun Nowa offers the most complete package…”

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“…unmatched value provided to the consumer with each purchase…”


Sun Nowa glasses effectively combine blue light blocking technology for the lens and TR 90 thermoplastic material for the frame to provide you with the most unique experience for effectively blocking blue light while also meeting your comfort needs.

Sun Nowa Blue Light Blocking Glasses BENEFITS AND FEATURES:

Decreased eye strain, headaches, dizziness. Enhanced quality of sleep through minimal exposure to blue light and its unfavorable effects.

Superior Design and Comfort. Lightweight premium polycarbonate material is form fitting by being naturally flexible and is super flattering to your face. The material is also very durable and able to withstand various conditions.

Comes with Premium Bonus Items. Our blue light blocking glasses are delivered to you in a mesh, high-quality case. ALSO, our glasses are equipped with a cleaning prong that is compatible with the glasses lens (it will not smudge/smear the lens like most blue light blocking glasses)!

Designed for Every Profession/Use. Gamers, students, and professionals in the following fields: finance, accounting, engineering, medical, legal/law, education, marketing/advertising, entrepreneurship, customer service, data entry, content creator, photo/video editing, and the list goes on.

All these benefits…backed by our 100% money back guarantee!


Product Features

  • ✅ FINALLY – A PAIR OF GLASSES THAT ACTUALLY BLOCK BLUE LIGHT – Tired of wasting money on glasses that do not block blue light and just make things worse? We are too – which is why we formulated our glasses to block blue light and reduce eye strain, headaches, and everything else that comes with excess screen exposure. If your day consists of spending time looking at the computer screen, these will work for you! Our blue light blocking glasses come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
  • ✅ PREMIUM DESIGN FEATURES WITH BONUS CASE AND CLEANING PRONG – Designed with lightweight, flexible, and comfortable TR 90 thermoplastic material, our glasses frame fits most face shapes (actually conforms to your face) and is super easy to wear! As a bonus, our blue light blocking glasses are delivered to you in a mesh, high-quality case. ALSO, our glasses are equipped with a cleaning prong that is compatible with the glasses lens (it will not smudge/smear the lens )
  • ✅ IMPROVE SLEEP THROUGH DECREASED EYE STRAIN, HEADACHES, AND DIZZINESS – Our blue light blocking technology provides the ideal balance of comfort and functionality to effectively reduce eye strain, headaches, and dizziness after you spend those countless hours each week looking at the computer and TV screens. These benefits all add up to actually help improve your quality of sleep! Why let yourself suffer any longer? Let our blue light blocking glasses help your strained eyes!
  • ✅ #1 RECOMMENDED DESIGN FOR EVERYONE – Our blue light blocking glasses have been designed for everyone who spends their time looking at the computer screen or TV including – including gamers, students, and professionals in the following fields: finance, accounting, engineering, medical, legal/law, education, marketing/advertising, entrepreneurship, customer service, data entry, content creator, photo/video editing, and the list goes on. These blue light blocking glasses are for you!
  • ✅ GREAT INVESTMENT FOR YOUR EYES (GREAT GIFT IDEA TOO!) – We spend so much time staring at the computer screen and watching TV yet tend to neglect our eye health. Why settle for anything less than immediate relief at a great value? And while you are at it, grab a few pairs of blue light blocking glasses for your family, friends, or loved ones as a gift that is functional and beneficial to their health! Also, a great gift to anyone you know who works with computers more than they like to!

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Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone, Cardioid – Black

It’s never been easier to get high-quality sound for your voice and computer-based audio recordings. At home, the office-or anywhere for that matter-the Snowball ice USB microphone delivers audio quality that’s light years ahead of your computer’s built-in microphone. The custom cardioid condenser capsule offers crystal-clear audio for communicating, creating and recording. Snowball ice is Skype certified so you’re guaranteed to get great-sounding results, and comes ready to go with an adjustable desktop mic stand and USB cable. It even works automatically with your Mac or PC-no drivers required.

Product Features

  • Custom condenser capsule offers crystal clear audio for Skype, Messages and FaceTime
  • Record vocals, create podcasts, and add narration to your home movies
  • Add crystal clear audio to recordings for YouTube. Frequency Response: 40 -18 kHz
  • Easy plug and play directly to your Mac or PC-no drivers to install
  • Snowball iCE is a USB 2.0 device (USB 3.0 compatible as per USB 3.0 backward compatibility specification).Sample/word Rate: 44.1 kHz/16 bit
  • NOTE: Refer the User Manual before use.

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