2 thoughts on “Suits – Pilot”

  1. I’m Hooked I’ve seen this show advertised but gave it no thought until recently. I was scrolling through my Amazon Prime and decided to give it a go. I am now hooked on the show after binge watching all four seasons! I appreciate the photography but more than that I appreciating the writing, weaving witty banter in and out of serious dialogue. Like most television shows, the scripts all have the similar story lines with similar arcs; someone does something stupid, the firm or people are placed in…

  2. Into The Void While looking for a new series to follow, I happened upon “Suits”. The unrealistic setting of someone who has never been through college, never mind law school of becoming an associate at a top New York Legal Firm, seemed ridiculous. However I lost my initial thoughts after viewing a few episodes. The Partner, off and on, Harvey as played by Gabriel Macht, as a hot shot,wise cracking ‘closer’ also seemed like it would lose it’s luster, but it hangs on. Patrick J. Adams, as Mike Ross,…

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