Storytelling Through Video: 7 Steps for Producing & Promoting Video Content

Video is often cited as the most effective marketing content for driving results. It’s proven to significantly increase website traffic, time on site, social engagement, and conversion. But it’s not only a great marketing tool. Videos also play a significant role in closing sales as well as customer training and support. So, we’re all in agreement that video is important. Now what? I constantly hear business leaders say, “We’ve always wanted to do video, but we didn’t know someone we could trust, we didn’t know what we were doing, and we didn’t know how much it should cost.” The goal of this book is to help you answer all these questions—and more!In my consulting practice, I guide clients through a 7-step process to help them answer the following five key questions:What role should video play in meeting our business goals? What types of videos do we need? How do we tell the most compelling story? Who or what should be the subject of our video(s)? What should our video marketing strategy be? In this book, I’m going to walk you through a tried-and-true, 7-step process for planning, producing, and promoting video content online.

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