Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection

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3 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection”

  1. The Girlfriend Test vs. The Fanboy Test This is a genuine review. One that I refused to write until I watched all 6 blu-ray movies (with my girlfriend — more on that later), all deleted scenes, listened to 8 of the 12 commentaries and sampled the other 4. In other words, this review is — unlike so many 1 star reviews written prior to the release of this collection that were based on rumors and the person doing the critique’s imagination — REAL.All changes and alterations will be noted, for better or for worse, so you…

  2. All 6 “Special Editions”, cleaned up as never before heard and seen… Ok, this set has been out for quite sometime now and I have read some of the reviews. Everyone is not going to be happy about it, so I might as well get that in right up front. Having been very fortunate enough to have seen the “original trilogy” in the theater in the summers of ’77, ’80, ’83, respectively I must confess that I love those three the most. I am sure the kids that saw I-III for the first time and had not seen the later SW movies, must think those were their trilogy. That’s…

  3. A quick review for normal folks I’m going to make this short and sweet. There is no need to review the story lines contained in these 6 movies. That has been done in the past. Everyone now knows that Lucas has made further changes to the films – if you aren’t aware of it, then google it.This is what you do NOT know: How is the audio and video quality of this Blu Ray Release?Here is the plain and simple answer: AWESOMEDo I love all of the movies for their content? No.Was I…

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