Star Trek Beyond

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2 thoughts on “Star Trek Beyond”

  1. New old Star Trek that I highly enjoyed. This is a tough one. The visuals were nice but sometimes they got carried away and did some stupid stuff (because they could?) that really made no sense. The motorcycle scene in particular. A gasoline powered motorcycle would be used in the future? I thought electric vehicle are the future except you do not seem to get vroom, vroom noises from them. There wasn’t much to the plot, Kirk gets fooled like a rookie, bad guy hates the federation. It’s implied that even though Kirk loses his ship he…

  2. I really enjoyed it, and hoping for a fourth movie out … I been watching Star Trek since I was about 11 years old when the original series was played on the local TV in a marathon. This is the first reboot movie I have watched and I felt it had the feel of the original TV series but better special effects and a bit updated. Loved every minute of this 2 hour plus movie and I was worried it would be boring or too campy. Thankfully it was neither. I’m not a hardcore “Trekkie”, just a fan that has enjoyed all the TV series (watch em now on heroes…

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