3 thoughts on “Sicario”

  1. Review #17,498. You won’t read this, but at least the stars I gave it will count. Brilliant film.

  2. How action should be. Fast paced thrill ride. Emily Blunt plays a rookie FBI agent who’s had nothing but success in her early career. Directing SWAT teams as part of a kidnap response unit, she’s found the people she’s looking for every time. Or so she thinks, until she’s recruited for assistance in a shady CIA mission that has her breaking international law and violating civil rights. She becomes increasing uncomfortable with what she’s asked to do and the limited information she has on the overall objective of the…

  3. Master Craft Crime Drama Director Denis Villenueve is quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s finest new filmmakers after directing Prisoners, Arrival and Sicario. This film is a well thought out, well planned, intense crime drama about real life Mexican drug cartels. Roger Deakins cinematography is as beautiful as it is brutal and keeps perfect time with the pace of the film. Stretches of rhythmic drumming further increases the tension in the film to keep you on edge.Then there’s the mystery aspect of the…

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