Serenity (2019)

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3 thoughts on “Serenity (2019)”

  1. Spoiler alert: this review explains the plot for those who couldn’t get it SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERTOkay, now that you have been warned, I will explain to you the plot. It’s so sad that so few people seem to be able to follow a complicated plot these days– the old crime thrillers thrived on the audience being able to follow something that is not spelled out for them, but that skill is lost these days. Even after this movie completely spelled out what is going on.This is what happens in the plot of the movie, in time order:A young…

  2. I Hate When People Feel The Need To Explain A Movie To You, Just Because You Didn’t Like It!! YES, I do know what the movies about and I’m sure the other people who hated it knew too! We don’t need some condescending know-it-all to explain it to us! Get over yourself this was a bad movie. I didn’t like it and I could have been using the time doing something important or fun for gods sake! And I just love it when a poster puts Spoiler Alert right in front of the “Spoiler” itself, as if there’s some magic text to cover up the next couple of words! So many movies ruined that way. Anyway,…

  3. Key Largo/Casablanca meets Abre Los Ojos I am convinced of two things, one that Serenity is a very good, unique, competent film, and the other that general audiences are so saturated with their junkfood diet of meaningless, shallow Avengers and reboot films that they are no longer able to interpret the art of filmography.The choices the director Steven Knight made to merge the two parts were integral to why this film succeeds. On its face a story of a kid playing games on his computer to escape reality is derivative and…

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