School of Rock

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3 thoughts on “School of Rock”

  1. This is a great little movie This is a great little movie. What makes it so, is that there is comedy here involving a bit of subterfuge and obsession with being a musician on the part of Jack Black’s character, Dewey. But the comedy doesn’t rely on forced gags, bathroom humor or uncomfortable moments (which I generally don’t find humorous), it relies on Black’s likeable but preposterous character who remains unabashedly focused on doing his thing and accomplishing his goal in the face of whatever arises in his path, by…

  2. Extra Credit For this review, I’m assuming you have seen the movie (otherwise, why buy the dvd) and are considering owning a copy.This is a fine DVD. It is not HD or Blue Ray, but it plays and looks great on my blue ray player.There is really nothing wrong with the copy, and for that alone this would get 5 stars. But I rate dvds on their bonus material, especially the commentary, since this is where the added value is for me. And in this aspect, I think the value could be higher. The…

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