Sceptre U438CV-UMC 43″ Ultra HD 4K TV, Black

Take in the scenery as 8 million pixels illuminate a world of endless color and stunning detail. Sceptre 4K Ultra High-Definition displays have 4 times the number of pixels as a Full HD display, turning your shows into an epic UHD viewing experience. The unequalled color and clear brilliance of 4k will provide more natural and lifelike images than have ever been viewed on a 43” screen. 4 HDMI ports allow you to connect up to four devices at once, so you can stream, browse, and listen to all of your favorite multimedia. The HDMI 2.0 ports allow you to seamlessly stream 4k video to get the most rewarding viewing experience that is available on the market. Explore your apps on this giant LED screen once you connect your smartphone or tablet to the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) port (HDMI 1). The innovative USB port further expands functionality, allowing users to listen to music and view digital pictures quickly and conveniently.

Product Features

  • 43 Inch True Ultra HD Resolution 3840 x 2160
  • Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC) 120
  • Mobile High-Definition Link MHL
  • HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2
  • 4X HDMI Port & USB Port

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3 thoughts on “Sceptre U438CV-UMC 43″ Ultra HD 4K TV, Black”

  1. Picture quality is very good.It shows black good, almost perfect, but it is not perfect. I checked it in the night. For the price, I am satisfied.Brightness is typically well uniform. No edge bleeding light or edge darkness.Nintendo switch games looks great. Connected on hdmi2. Zelda Breathe of the Wild is just beautiful. 1080p though. (I used Dynamic Contrast on, all the other options off. For Picture Mode, I used the Game mode preset and edited the…

  2. First off, I am switching over to this from an 11 year old 720p TV that I used as a PC monitor. This one will have the same setup. I’m not much of a gamer so I can not comment on the refresh rate or if it would be adequate for most current games. But I’m using it with a Vega video card and colors seem to be quite accurate. I’m especially impressed with the depth of the darker tones. (For about as long as I can remember I haven’t had solid black on the old monitor — just various shades of…

  3. Great price, decent picture (nothing special). I’m using it as a display for my Macbook in a home office. However, less than three weeks in, I already have a dead pixel. I can probably live with it for what I’m using it for, but I wouldn’t count on this product given that fact.It has all of the right features for this type of application: slim profile, hdmi connections, etc. Native resolution up to 3880xwhatever, although at the distances I’m looking at a 3200 or 2440 picture would…

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