3 thoughts on “Rites of Passage”

  1. It’s been already said quite eloquently, yet to add my own voice – the historical accuracy of the details is extraordinary. Compared to the fluff-o-drama pulp squoozed out by most modern media when it comes to the era of the Vikings, this series stands out brilliantly. But it is not just history in re-creation; it’s got plenty of downright fictional human drama and bloody battles.In one way, it is a bit of a shame that this series does have some rather blunt sexuality and…

  2. I’ve been enjoying this show sing Game of Thrones is over for the season. This show is a little comparative to that. I say a little because it is not as brutal and there is no nudity. I believe that there is more to it, but they trimmed it down for television in the States. I wish there was an option to get the full version.Anyway, the story revolves around a Viking clan and their plundering and also hierarchy within. The main character, Ragnar, is shown fighting and with his family which…

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