PreSonus Eris E3.5 – 3.5″ Professional Multimedia Reference Monitors with Acoustic Tuning (Pair)

Presonus Eris-series studio monitors are used worldwide by studio engineers who need to hear every detail of their recordings. Ideal for gaming and home video production, the Eris E3.5 delivers studio-quality sound yet is compact enough to fit almost anywhere. You get the flexibility of rear-panel, ¼-inch TRS and RCA inputs; front-panel 1/8” stereo, unbalanced line inputs for use with mobile audio devices; a convenient front-panel volume control; and an integrated headphone amplifier. Fine-adjust the speaker response with low- and high-frequency tuning controls. It may be small but the E3.5 is loud, as well as clear, thanks to a 50W (25W/side) class AB power amp.

Product Features

  • The reviews speak for themselves!
  • The only true studio monitor for multimedia, gaming, watching movies, or producing your next hit.
  • Studio-quality industrial design. They look as great as they sound. Protection: RF interference, Output-current limiting, Over-temperature, Turn-on/off transient
  • 3.5-inch woven composite drivers produce a more powerful bass response with a more accurate overall sound.
  • The only monitors in their class with acoustic tuning. This enables you to get pristine sound quality in any room. Crossover Frequency:2.8 kHz
  • Stereo aux input, headphone jack, volume, and power On/Off are located on the front panel for your convenience.

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3 thoughts on “PreSonus Eris E3.5 – 3.5″ Professional Multimedia Reference Monitors with Acoustic Tuning (Pair)”

  1. Amazing Output for Small-ish Near-Field Monitors! Before going into the details of the review it’s important to point out that these speakers are actually designed as “near-field” monitors, not home-audio loudspeakers. I’ve seen a handful of complaints about lack of bass reponse, hollow sound etc.Near-field monitors are designed to reproduce sound with a *flat* response to give an accurate, faithful reproduction of the original audio without enhancements. And the name implies their intended usage, to be listened…

  2. Best monitors you’ll find for the price (this is a review of the PreSonus Eris E3.5 model)Good:- Sound is neutral- Very accurate sound stage- The ‘acoustic tuning’ it’s called allows you to adjust for environment- aux in on front- professional look that isn’t flashy and full of leds trying to call attention to itself.Cons:- Cables you get are pretty mediocre- Cabinet build quality feels cheapA quick background. While I’m no audio engineer and I wouldn’t…

  3. What You Are Buying Let’s start with what you’re buying.A pair of 6.42″ wide x 9.45″ tall x 7.09″ deep, vinyl-laminated MDF cabinets weighing 13 lbs.A 25 watt stereo amp, in one cab, to power a pair of 4.5″ and 1″ speakers through a x-over at 2.8 kHz. These are not bi-amp speakers.A 6 dB +/- adjustable high and mid control and there’s a low end cutoff for better use with a sub, a boundary bass control of -2 or -4 dB and an input sensitivity or volume control.Balanced TRS and RCA…

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