Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate Video Editing Suite for PC

Harness the power and creativity in new Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate to edit your next production like a Pro. This fully-loaded, advanced editing suite, is our fastest, full featured, video editing application released to date. With unparalleled precision and control-made easy with new three and four point editing-you can edit an UNLIMITED number of tracks in HD and 4K. Leverage pro-caliber tools, Multi-Camera capture and editing, new dynamic split screen videos and sophisticated audio tools to rival production house quality. New color grading technology and stunning effects help to transform every production into colorful motion pictures. Tap into 2, 000+ creative effects plus Premium plugins from newbluefx to enhance every picture, correct imperfections, even stabilize shaky footage. Share your finished projects easily-online, to popular file format, or to disc with creative menu templates for a finished product worthy of the big screen. Inspire your inner Producer and edit like a Pro with Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate.

Product Features

  • What’s in the box: DVD for software download and paper insert with a digital download link to software and User Guide
  • Advanced video editing – fully loaded with pro-caliber video and audio editing features and Premium effects, edit video in HD and 4K on unlimited tracks
  • Creative control – enjoy 2, 000+ of professional-quality video effects and pro-caliber tools, easily correct common video problems, stabilize shaky footage, turn grey skies Blue, and more
  • Professional caliber tools – enjoy new color grading controls, edit 360 videos, superimpose people over backgrounds, create animations with stop motion, Burn to disc with chapters and menus
  • Screen recording software – record your screen and webcam simultaneously and create engaging video; easily capture video, system audio, and microphone sound in a single click and edit them together
  • Premium effects collection – access professional-quality special effects from newbluefx so that you can add incredible creative effects and correct almost any video problem

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2 thoughts on “Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate Video Editing Suite for PC”

  1. Rendering / Hanging Nightmare I’ve owned several Pinnacle products over the years and have had problems with every one of them. They are flashy but have many problems include hanging, crashes and extremely slow rendering. I bought a new computer with great specs aimed at video processing for use with Pinnacle Studio 22 Ultimate. I was hopeful it would make a difference. It didn’t. I’ve been to many support sites including of course Pinnacle’s. Nothing much anyone suggested helps. I’ve taken the free classes Pinnacle…

  2. I bought this because of the multicam feature, but it doesn’t work The multicam capture feature on this doesn’t ever save for me. It just hangs after I stop recording. It was the whole reason I bought this over Premier. Also, it comes with MultiCam Capture “Lite”, which only supports one camera plus the desktop. For a youtuber or whatever, that’s fine. Actually, it’s fine for me too (or would be if it worked), but I didn’t entirely realize I’d have to pay extra for the full multicam capture functionality when I bought it, and I’m certainly not upgrading until…

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