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  1. A medical Sherlock Dr. Gregory House M.D. is a first-class detective, but not one who is detecting murderers and other criminals. The villains are all medical ailments, but the methodology is much the same. At a New Jersey hospital, he is the chief of diagnostic medicine assigned to the most puzzling cases.House and Sherlock Holmes have much in common. Sherlock was addicted to cocaine. House is addicted to pain kiillers for a disability that has left him hobbling and using a cane. Neither House…

  2. An essential season – as they all have been This is a show that hit the starting gate running at full speed and quickly found its pace – so all seasons of House MD so far are worth getting – even Season One – many shows that are successful still have fairly weak season one box sets but House MD is not one of them. I write this brief review to those who already love House and wonder what storylines are on which season. Season One hit the ground running – even the pilot is good. Much of the first season was involved in the unusual medical…

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