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Have you heard of the Good Samaritan? It’s a reference to a story, more of a parable really, in the Bible. The Good Samaritan does things that others did not do. This person was a kind hearted person who did the right thing when people were looking and when no one was looking. It is such a blessing to be able to see people loving and caring for others when it is outside of their way of life. When it is outside of their comfort zone. When it is outside of the norm. It is so, so good, so healthy, so inspiring to hear of stories like that to know that there are good people out there. What a blessing in itself to hear a good story in ancient times and into modern times as well.

There have been programs set into place, to help mirror what the Good Samaritan did. To be able to provide for those who are less fortunate, who can no longer provide or care for themselves… there is hope! Find a place like this here:

Kindly consider giving, helping, donating, or partaking if you or a loved one are in need. Bless you!

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