One Minute Time Machine

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3 thoughts on “One Minute Time Machine”

  1. Endearing and Quirky – I Loved It!!!! I loved this short video. It was perfectly done. The music, acting, script – it all came together to provide this simple, endearing video of two quirky people meeting on a bench. It lasted five short minutes, but provided such a full summary of the awkwardness us nerds have when courting. I found myself laughing aloud throughout much of this while thinking about how many times I could have used my own time machine to re-do my first impressions on people. I’d recommend this video to anyone…

  2. Quirky dark little comedy Not your typical short. Very cute with a quirky ending. Let this be a lesson to you: always read the book to the very end.The short has several twists. She isn’t your average book nerd. He isn’t your average bumbling scientist. This time machine is not all that it appears.A quirky twisted little dark comedy that had me laughing out loud and feeling slightly guilty that I shouldn’t (only slightly).I only wish it had been longer. I have the feeling these two…

  3. Practical Time Travel This was wonderfully hilarious on many levels. Here you have the capability to turn back time, phenomenal cosmic power, and it’s used to pick up a date. I didn’t know what to expect when I watched this but am more than satisfied – ladies, watch it all the way through and give it a chance if you’re sensitive to the pick up culture, the tables turn towards the end in a delightful if not somewhat cryptic manner. This easily earned 5 stars from me combining social satire with science fiction in a…

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