2 thoughts on “Nighttime in the Neighborhood”

  1. Great Cartoon! Fast paced too bright colors superficial treatment of important issues. Fake sounding children’s voices for the characters, nothing ‘real’ about it. In the sense of showing your real vs fake face, something Fred often talked about. “Simple and deep is better than shallow and complex’….as he would say. The original was creative and playful-there was time to nurture. Deal with real expressions of different feelings and scenarios. And the comfort of having the ‘true’ face of a trusted adult…

  2. My girls (age 5 and 2) both love Daniel Tiger. I do as well. It’s one of the few cartoons that I actually enjoy watching with them. It is entertaining and always has a positive message and learning theme for the episode. The songs are catchy and helpful as well. I find myself singing them to the girls in situations where they apply and it always reminds them of the lesson thought by Daniel Tiger. example: “You got to try new food because it might taste goood”. Love it! (I loved…

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