Night Photography and Light Painting: Finding Your Way in the Dark

Lance Keimig, one of the premier experts on night photography, has put together a comprehensive reference that will show you ways to capture images you never thought possible. This new edition of Night Photography presents the practical techniques of shooting at night alongside theory and history, illustrated with clear, concise examples, and charts and stunning images. From urban night photography to photographing the landscape by starlight or moonlight, from painting your subject with light to creating a subject with light, this book provides a complete guide to digital night photography and light painting.

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  • Night Photography and Light Painting Finding Your Way in the Dark

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2 thoughts on “Night Photography and Light Painting: Finding Your Way in the Dark”

  1. Comprehensive, well-written, and thoroughly enjoyable book Well-written and informative, a worthy second edition that seems largely re-written. The history of night photography is still there, and still absolutely fascinating. The book covers astro-landscape, long exposures in moonlight, star trails, light painting, light drawing, and post-processing for night photography with an emphasis on Lightroom, although the tips for post-processing can obviously be done in Photoshop or other programs as well. Lance also includes other photographers and their…

  2. Night photographers, here is your bible! Consider this the “New Testament” of the excellent first edition. Neither of these books are necessarily aimed at the beginner, but will definitely take the experienced photographer’s work to the next level. It is the fine-tuning of the details that separates a great night photograph from a good one, and this book is all about the details. From choosing the right gear to studying the movements of the night sky to post processing techniques, no stone is left unturned. Also included are…

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