3 thoughts on “Mystery of the Squirmy Wormy”

  1. This is one of the very best kids’ shows around by far This is one of the very best kids’ shows around by far. The Kratt brothers show their love and respect for nature and they deliver the information in a great way. Encouraging a love for science and the natural world. My children, 2 and 5 love this show. It’s not filled with crap, just love of nature. It’s most important that kids watch this show so they can help preserve this amazing planet and its creatures for many generations to come. I bought my children bug nets. I attribute Wild Kratts…

  2. Pretty good for what it is There is a spectrum for educational kids shows: on one end is Sesame Street, where you will be shown colored polygons and told that “the world has no place for bullies” and GLOBAL WARMING! On the other end is a national geographic documentary where a British narrator explains the intricacies of the reproduction organs of a deep-sea marine organism and GLOBAL WARMING! The Wild Kratts are just about right on the spectrum: loaded with facts for a kid’s brain to soak up, and with just…

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