2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day”

  1. Should have been better with all those names… This movie is a tumbled jumble of random stories tied together with the thinnest threads imaginable. It seemed as if someone sat down and wrote a list of the broadest extremes in society and decided that opposite viewpoints make compelling tension. Then, the decision was made to take four separate stories and toss them all together, add a womb float (?!) and season the whole mess liberally with stereotypes: all Southerners, especially the older ones, are racist bigots; all lesbians have…

  2. Good and interesting storylines with humor throughout. This is surprisingly funny. I say “surprisingly” because many movies with a big name ensemble cast lack in content and sell themselves more on the large well-known cast. The other thing I usually don’t care for in ensemble cast movies, is that there are too many storylines going on at the same time. However, these characters are pretty well developed and each of the stories keep you interested till the end. It doesn’t hurt that it is directed by the great Gary Marshall from Pretty Woman…

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