2 thoughts on “Moonlight”

  1. Watch Moonlight Twice The first time I saw Moonlight, I was too busy watching the movie to appreciate it. I was following plot, thinking ahead, wondering what was going to happen. I was angry at Chiron’s mom, frustrated by teen bullies and worried about Chiron’s day-to-day life. I thought the ending was abrupt and not exceedingly hopeful.I couldn’t have been more wrong.The second time I watched Moonlight, I was able to SEE it. And what I saw is a near masterpiece of film making. The acting is…

  2. best American movie in years with so many stellar performances in front of and behind the camera! this is a movie you can tell someone to watch and have a real conversation about its themes afterwards. when was the last time we could say that?so many topics of discussion, from internal conflicts (defining masculinity “being a man” – being a parent) to societal ones (homophobia – for the viewer esp., bullying – from not only the class bully but the principal, how the community can single parent households, our image of drug dealers/people doing drugs as innately evil) the…

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