3 thoughts on “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”

  1. Rogue hard, but not put up wet… I didn’t think it was possible to make another “Impossible” movie that was really worth watching, but apparently their latest mission was a success. The movie was just plain fun from start to finish, with all the humor, action, and special effects we’ve come to expect from this series. Not the deepest plot, but an interesting-enough storyline, benefiting mostly from the array of colorful characters whose dialogue and antics make this movie a fun ride. To my recollection, there were no…

  2. Possibly The Best Sequel To Date, Excellent Action, Drama & Comic Relief In A Strong Storyline I thoroughly enjoyed Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation. By the time a movie franchise gets this far into sequels usually budgets get cut and quality drops off, but not here. This may be the best MI movie yet.Ever since “Ghost Protocol” Mission Impossible movies have embraced a bit of comic relief courtesy of Simon Pegg and now Alec Baldwin. I think this ads a lot to the movie keeping a bit of lightness along with the drama and action.The basic premise (without…

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